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The moment you realize...

Poor Toriel really seems to have a habit of getting attached to people with tiny health bars. No wonder she's always so worried and overprotective.

Sans especially must terrify her sometimes - at least Frisk can take a few hits before dying.

I wonder if Frisk ever told her about their time-travel-based immortality, and assured her that they would be all right.

I was a bit torn while making this; part of me was saying "You should spend this time working on Just Cause instead", while another part was saying, "I want to draw this today, and if I turn Just Cause into an obligation that keeps me from drawing what I want to draw, I'm going to get sick of drawing it."

There's also the fact that Just Cause pages take time, due to the number of panels and complexity of shading, and I don't want to keep you waiting that long between art pieces. ^_^ I think it's going to start bugging me if I can only publish something every few weeks. I find it reassuring to know that I can create and publish a piece of art within a single drawing session.

Of course I'll continue working on Just Cause, and I'll do my best to keep a reasonably frequent update schedule. But in between pages, I'll also give you quick, unshaded pieces like this.

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I had the same issue with my comic...I wanted to get new pages out frequently, but that made it into an obligation, and then I lost desire to work on it. So I stopped for a whole year, before getting back into it. Settling on a scheduled that let me post at decided intervals that I could EASILY finish while still working on other stuff for fun worked to balance the joy and the sense of obligation. My pages are black and white, and done traditionally so there's only so big each page can be (and I can work on it while out and about), so my update scheduled turns out at twice a week. Since yours is more complicated, maybe like...the first and third Monday of every month? A set scheduled that gives you motivation to work on it, but time to do other stuff as well.