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As soon as my sister told me about that Tumblr post, I knew this picture had to become a thing that existed. I mean, the rank of EdgeJester captures the two sides of Sans' personality so perfectly.

I decided to incorporate all the colors of his canonical sprite and (maybe?) canonical action figure into the picture, and to split them up according to the context in which they appear.

The dull blue, grey, and pastel pink of his hoodie and slippers appear on one side, while the yellow and more vivid blue of his glowing eye appear on the other, along with the purple that your health bar turns when afflicted by his Karmic Retribution. Casual jester on one side, edge on the other.

And of course, there's black and white, partly because those are the colors of his body, and partly to contrast all those more vivid colors and keep them from getting too excessively gaudy.

I thought about shading it, but I decided that I wanted to keep the colors true to their original shades, and adding light and shadow would distort that a bit. But I'll probably use the design for a shaded wallpaper at some point in the nonspecific future.

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I have always found Sans annoying.