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Please Do Noogie The Skeleton



This is one of the panels from my ongoing Undertale webcomic, Just Cause. As happens more often than he's willing to admit, Sans is having a terrible day, and this picture is a symbolic look at what's happening under the unknowing noses of the people who care about him.

I originally intended to have Papyrus hugging Sans from behind, but the angle of his head and shoulders wasn't quite working out for that, and the look on his face was turning out downright mischievous. After a brief contemplation, I concluded that I liked the idea of him giving Sans a noogie, so rather than changing it, I decided to just go with this happy accident.

It's also a bit of a shout-out to the neutral ending in which Papyrus urges Undyne not to noogie the skeleton or the phone. I think near the end of the murder route, Sans would give anything to have a noogie from Papyrus.

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So much pain, yet such a warm feeling.
I love the idea behind this drawing, and the way you captured it. Very well done!