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MTT Restaurant (Ode to My Lack of Self-Control)



Apparently I have no self-control when it comes to art. I mean, look at this picture. It’s the background for a frame in a webcomic.
A WEBCOMIC. Where common sense dictates that one should keep things simple enough that one can put out pages at a reasonably fast pace.
But then one part turned out semirealistic enough that to keep the appearance coherent I wanted to make the rest look just as good, and look what the heck happened.
You can't even see this whole background in the actual comic panel because the dialogue covers some parts up. >_<
Oh, well. I got a pretty picture out of it.
If you can't read the words on the corkboard, they're all quotes from Mettaton, saying:
"The food is to die for!"
"Gorgeous style and fragrance!"
"My face tastes beautiful!"
"It's just like being on the surface."
"Fit for the star of the Underground"
"Smells like the moon."
"Farmed locally. Very locally."
Some of these are direct quotes from the chalkboard in the game, and some of the others are references to dialogue in other parts of Undertale.
To support me as an (out-of-control doofus of an) artist, and to get exclusive access to WIPs and advance viewing of completed art, please check out my Patreon:…

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