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Just Cause, Pt.14: Nobody Lives in Hotland Anymore



We now interrupt this grim battle to bring you some cute post-Pacifist Route happiness. Toriel uses "ask a question about social customs"! Frisk's power is neutralized!
My favorite part of this page is Papyrus' dramatic pose being ruined by Undyne's violent friendliness. My least favorite part is how I realized belatedly that Asgore's nostrils are supposed to be above his mustache, and having a very hard time getting that to look right when I tried redrawing it.
I eventually said "Screw it, I'm taking some artistic license" and keeping his mustache above his muzzle and the nostrils at the end of the muzzle. It just looks better that way, at least in my drawing style.



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Hahaha Undyne giving Paps a slap like that was my favorite part to this xD