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Hi, I'm here from ProjectComment. Despite its simplicity, this image is instantly and easily identifiable as a crust pastry. I notice t...

by Scharle

I seriously wasn’t planning to write anything tonight, because it’s 3 a.m. at the end of a 48+ hour work week, but this picture really ...

by Cupric

Hi, I'm here from ProjectComment. This is really good for a 'fast style' drawing. The shadows could've stood to be darker, but you spec...

This is beautiful and well-drawn! The composition is very effective; my focus flowed naturally from her face downward, without getting ...


[Music Cover Art] When the Hope is Lost by C-H-4-r-l-3-y [Music Cover Art] When the Hope is Lost :iconc-h-4-r-l-3-y:C-H-4-r-l-3-y 23 24
Eight (8) Facts About Natalia Redwood
Tagged by :iconartisticallystrange: Took me ages to post mine tho!
1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other people along with the characters you want them to write about (which leads to rule 4).
4. Post their avatars and write the character names next to them. Natalia Redwood
1. She is a witch from another world that is almost identical to ours. The biggest difference is that in her world, they have advancements in magic rather than in technology.
2. She loves  hats very much, but hates it when her hair gets messed up. Which is why she prefers to have it levitate over her head instead.
3. She has too much energy and is extremely mischievous. She loves pranks, and it's always in her daily-to-do-list. 
4. Although homesick, she actually enjoys her life here in our world. 
5. Because of "The Great Shift's" ripping effect and the underdevelopment of Earth's arcane atmosphere, she almost lost
:iconastral-berry:astral-berry 5 8
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Echoes of Regret

How did it come to this? What was our relationship like in past timelines? Was it something I said? Something I did... or didn’t do?

The work-in-progress preview for page 38 of Just Cause is ready, and this time it’s Sans’ turn to wonder if he was the cause of Frisk’s rampage.

Patrons pledging $1 or more can see the full 30-panel work in progress here.

Inktober 19 - Scorched

Today’s Inktober is based on a true story. The first time I survived long enough to get a fire hound in Don’t Starve, it was killed by a spider off-screen, so I didn’t see it turn into flame. I had NO IDEA why the world was suddenly burning down around me.



Physical merch

Inktober 16 - Angular

Today's Inktober is brought to you by dramatic lighting, probably the best outline I've ever drawn for one of the Last Corridor's pillars, and another attempt to do gradient shading without using a soft brush. It looks kind of like the shadows are melting down the pillar - not the effect I originally intended, but one I like all the same.

I thought about adding the tile pattern to the floor, but I drew this late on Monday night and will have very little time for drawing on Tuesday (hence me posting it at this stupid hour, haha), and I just didn't feel like it. Besides, in this context, I kind of like the clean, stark look of the unpatterned floor.

I think the rest of Inktober will be done on a "when I want to and have time" basis. Some days, it's been a great impetus for me to draw things I've wanted to draw for a while and hadn't gotten around to, but there have also been days when it's felt more like a very time-consuming obligation, and it's been holding me back from working on the stories that are dear to my heart.

So, as my (ridiculously wise for her years) younger sister would say, it's time for me to "murder 'should'", and go with what feels right instead of "shoulding all over myself" with completely unnecessary obligations, haha.



Physical merch


If you want to get my art on your clothes, kitchenware, bedding and more, I've got good news: until midnight PT tonight, Society6 is offering 20-40% discounts on several of my physical products! Use the coupon code "HEYFALL" to claim your discount.

Here's a link to my store:

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20% off everything else

Hopefully you'll see something you like!


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Stephanie O'Brien
I'm a novelist, artist, video-maker, and fiction fan. I enjoy making fan comics and dubs for Undertale, music videos for Farscape, and fanfics for any story that catches my fancy.


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