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My Bio

I'm a novelist, artist, video-maker, and fiction fan. I enjoy making fan comics and fanfic for "Undertale", as well as a variety of original novels and short stories, symmetrical artwork, and print-on-demand patterns.

Favourite Visual Artist
Masashi Kishimoto, Crayon Queen, and Zarla
Favourite Movies
Inception, Serenity, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Carribean 1
Favourite TV Shows
Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Farscape, Firefly, Lie To Me, Sherlock
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Toby Fox, Yuki Kajiura
Favourite Books
Arena, Legends of the Guardian-King, Archives of Anthropos
Favourite Writers
Karen Hancock,
Favourite Games
Undertale, Bioshock, Killing Floor, Left 4 Dead, Crash: Nitro Kart, Portal
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Photoshop, graphics pad, Movie Maker 2012, OpenOffice
In this speedpaint, I'm designing Kivara the Charishi kitten, a chaotic little member of a feline species in my fantasy short story and upcoming novel, Upholding the Covenant. While I design her, I'll be sharing cute and funny Kivara moments, new facts about Charishi culture and biology, and insights into how the jock baby's friendship with nerd ambassador Orennian developed. You can read Kivara and Orennian’s short story for free here. To get this artwork on physical items, visit my stores at RedBubble and Society6. Patreon Ko-Fi
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A new speedpaint just dropped. :) This is Kivara, the adorable disaster of a kitten in my short story, Upholding the Covenant. If she looks like she'd climb into the pocket of a foreign dignitary and eat something politically important while she's in there, it's because she would. Patreon | Ko-fi | Commissions | Physical merch with my art on it
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The latest chapter of my Undertale fanfic, Just Cause, is out! Frisk is still reeling from their 'date' with Papyrus, but at least it seems like they've finally made a friend in this terrifying, lonely place... until a meeting between Papyrus and Undyne threatens to ruin everything. Read it on my website here. Read it on AO3 here.
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Hey! A fellow Undertale fan! Saw you in Project Comment. Hope we get to critique each other's artwork sometime! Have a magical day~ 🔮✨

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Thanks, you too! Always good to meet a fellow fan. :)

Thanks! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season, too!

Anytime and thanks. May I introduce myself to you?

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So I just wanted to ask you something about your comic: 'Just Cause', hope you don't mind. Anyway, so you said the 'Just Cause' comic was inspired by 2 Undertale songs, or like, maybe you said it was inspired by one Undertale song and one line (maybe) in another certain Undertale song; it is either one or the other, I can't remember which one. Heck, I can't even remember where I read this. I think it was in of one of the descriptions for one of the pages (you know, where you sometimes put some really cool stuff about the page, your analysis about the game or characters, or/& etc.), or in the one/some of the comments.

Anyways, I do remember you said the UT 'Just Cause' comic was inspired by two Undertale fan songs or one Undertale fan song and a certain line in another Undertale song or something like that, and I am curious to know which ones? If you can tell me that is, I know you can't reveal what you were inspired by until you reach a certain point in the comic, due to spoiler reasons, but if can indeed tell me now, that would be cool. If not, well, I look forward to knowing what they are/were (I am also looking forward to listening/watching those 2 songs as well, that should be nice) when it wouldn't be spoiler-y in the future.

Also, the next page being 33 panels is great; the next page is going to be long, and you are about half way or so through it, so nice job with that. A bit of an early congratulations from me here; that being, just 2 more pages until this comic hits 60 pages/parts! That is awesome! This comic (and the fanfic version) have come so far!

Which reminds me, I am totally going to read the fanfic version (more) soon, esp. to get to Ch9 and read it. Esp. since you mention this: "Especially given that this is where Timeline 1 Frisk finally meets Sans, and begins my favorite relationship in this whole story! Let's see what they think of each other when they first meet. Go here to read chapter 9 on my site."; which makes me more excited to read it and see both their pov's of each other when they first meet. I can see why Frisk and Sans' relationship would be your favorite in the story! It has been one of mine too, theirs's and Frisk and Flowey's. Both are very interesting (to me).

But yeah, should totally read it (more), because reading fanfic versions of comics/whatever can be really cool and you can get extra details sometimes (the comic version is cool in different ways. Love the comic version so much of this, well, comic, haha), and I want to get some more Timeline 1 stuff! I have been loving seeing the Timeline stuff a lot in the comic, esp. since we are learning a lot about characters and Frisk, and everything is kind of new to Frisk and they are learning stuff and going through a lot of stuff as well, and meeting everyone for the first time (which is super cool), all of which is also interesting (though I really feel for Frisk right now), and also think Timeline 1 and maybe 2 will help us learn even more stuff, and I think it will probably be important (this is just my guess though) to us figuring out why exactly Frisk is committing genocide in Timeline 4 (I think it was Timeline 4).

So yeah, really enjoying the Timeline 1 (the timeline stuff is just cool in general, and I like how you do it, i.e. for example, not really in order, it gives your comic even more mystery) stuff, and the more of it the merrier.

Alright, I think I am done with this comment finally, ahaha, sorry about how long it got; I had more to say than I thought there. :)