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Goonies redesign

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Does anyone still know about the goonies? The goonies was super popular in the 80's it was my favorite. It starred Sean Austin, corey feldman and even Josh Brolin. Anyone have another good movie suggestion for me to do an animated line-up of.
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I've visited the town where this movie was set.

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Cool! I LOVE the Goonies!

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I bet that can be an animated remake 
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I would love to see how an animated remake would look like.
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This certainly does the movie justice.
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Stef looks menacing
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Hi! It's wonderful!  I've find your picture online and I'm using it for my fb! I hope I can....maaaany compliments! And sorry for my bad english! <3
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These look like Brad Bird designs
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Laika would animate a Goonies remake with those stylized characters.
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In the words of Mama Fratelli, "Oh my God!!"
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When I was little, I had these on a shirt. This is my childhood right here, thank you so much. :)
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Beautiful and wonderful redesign of the movie characters!

Wonderful job, sir!

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Wow, I gotta say you did an amazing job on this one. You definitely captured them in a way of the film.
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good. I made a drawing of the goonies based on his. then goes back in my gallery and take a look. thanks!
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BAHAHAHA I just love Mikey's face. It's just all... "Derp WERN ERED WERLERR."
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i love the goonies !!!
how about the burbs ??
fab work !!!!
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I know Sean Astin, really cool guy, i think he did great for one of his first films ^.^ im watching the movie right now!!
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8th grade graduation
Wore an afro and a shirt showing sloth and chunk
Made the princable laugh
Very cool stuff. How about the Lost Boys?
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