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Blade by SpiderGuile

The Daywalker. Dig.

Lines - :iconspiderguile:
Colors - :iconnorthchavis:

Blade © Marvel
Original image: [link]
More awesomeness by me and Guile: [link]
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In the Riseverse, Blade is a Meridianite, the son of Evangeline A.K. McDowell and Mundungus Fletcher. As such, he is a dhampir, a vampire-wizard hybrid, with all of the powers of a vampire and none of the weaknesses (except from the thirst for blood). Blade has decidacted his life to hunting down vampires, earning him the nickname "The Daywalker". After the Civil War erupted, Jennifer Kale faked Blade's death and recruited Blade into the Midnight sons, a team that hunts vampires, werewolves, demons, zombies and other monsters without inteference from Tony Stark or S.H.I.E.L.D.
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great Blade, made him look very badass!
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Nice colours but it's too dark.
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I've heard that... thanks. Although, in my defense, it looks fine on my screen :D

P.S. Thanks for the :+devwatch:
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Say it with me. 1-2-3-NICE!
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DAMN!!!!!! It's fantastic how your colors really enhanced that Daywalker sketch!!!! Excellent color palette choice, my friend!!!
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Always glad to hear!! Glad you dig it!!
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I totally love your participation here! :D
StephenSchaffer's avatar
It was my pleasure :)
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Wonderfull dude, wonderfull!
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man.. you and spiderguille are like the perfect combination, lol.
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Haha! Yeah, he's great. I love working with him!!
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Sweet. Nice work on the muscles. Study anatomy? Or just comics?
StephenSchaffer's avatar
Thanks. Well, you'd have to ask Guile since he did all the drawing, I just colored it. But yes, his anatomy is superb! And for anyone asking, I wouldn't recommend studying comics for anatomy as they tend to revel in excess :D
will-o-the-wisp's avatar
Hahah, that's not what I meant - I was just wondering which the artist for this piece had studied.

Came out well, either way!
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That's cool. I just felt I should make that clear because I see a lot of inexperienced artists study the wrong things and then wonder why their work isn't progressing :) Still, glad you dig it!
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