How to draw your characters from ANY angle!

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crtl+z! crtl+z! crtl+z! <-- haha! yes exactly how I feel sometimes!

This is actually such a great idea, i will for sure try it.

I also like how you said "you don't need professional tools" - that's always been an issue for me and trying things, I always feel like I have to go all out with materials because I see people do that in tutorials, but then I feel like I'd be wasting legit materials and then I end up not doing anything Sweating a little... 

As expected, another great video :D keep up the great work!
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I've always wanted to do one of these things, but I could never make it look right. I guess I wasn't being honest with myself during the initial stages. Or maybe I need to work on my sculpting skills. Or both, probably. :lol:
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Thank so much for this, Stephen! Very helpful!
I was having trouble drawing this character I had, so I bought clay. Unfortunately, they only have, this kids clay that are not bakeable so that didn't go well. But I'm still looking for that kind of clay near me.
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Oh! I didn't think to use aluminum foil for the inside =P

Does it also help with the mobility of the clay while you sculpt?

And that said, could other things be used for filling the armature (like paper)?
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Thanks, very helpful tutorial, mostly on the use of clay.
Kind of strange that this came out right as I started working with a 3d program to make maquettes :shifty:
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Great, simply explained and applied
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thank you so much for this! I've been meaning to try some of that Clay but I never knew how it worked. Thank you Stephen you're such an inspiration.
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I used to love skittles until they replaced lime with green apple. Like BLECH.

I've never had a ctrl-Z moment, tho I guess I learned to draw on notepads n stuff.

Interesting idea, whenever I have money to blow I should try it.
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This is so helpful! I never thought about doing this (or even knew about this I guess). I've always had trouble with consistency in angles of characters--ahh so helpful!
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Thank you so much for posting this! Racing Girl Emoji (Ehehe) [V4]
This will really help me when I start animating my series!
Again, thank you so much, honey!!

Also, you look great!  
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Thank you for posting this! Also I have that book and I love it!
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Thanks! This is very relevant to me right now. I've been sketching out head angles for a new character all morning. I think it's time for me to break out the clay again! Also, I like the idea of drawing on the facial features like you showed in the beginning. When I've done this before I end up spending too long trying to sculpt those tiny details and they never come out right.
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