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August 11, 2014
As a playful yet stern message, On Avoiding Internet Distractions by StephenMcCranie is exactly what it says on the tin!

The suggester says, “Stephen uses real situations and great metaphors to show how the internet distracts us again and again while giving good personal advice on how to break loose.”
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On Avoiding Internet Distractions

I suppose it's a bit ironic that I'm sharing this essay with you on the internet. Don't get distracted!

This essay is from a book called Brick by Brick-- you can read over 100 pages of this book by clicking the link below!

Tell me what you think!
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AsjJohnson's avatar
hm... I've kind'a realized within the past few months or so, that I've been searching around the Internet, and keeping tabs open to look at ( if I find that baby Platypus video, I might notice three other suggested videos, and keep opening more tabs - don't want them lost in the shuffle after all). But... then I have to save all my tabs to an IE favorites folder so I can restart the computer. ...And then I find that I never really look at all those pages I'd saved (kind'a like the magic's worn off). But I keep doing the same thing - spending time online looking through links and things for good stuff.
So... it's like I feel rewarded by finding the content, and not actually by consuming it? Does that make sense?
SilverWolf738's avatar
Can you recommend a good RSS aggregator?
dontclickmyname's avatar
Genious, I'm notorious for getting side tracked. 
RedWolf5207's avatar
Thank you for this message. This is my greatest problem.
L1qw1d's avatar
very nice!
i think a lot of creatives get addicted (almost like the guy in Guild Season 6) because they want the feedback, and then only focus on negative feedback because of undeveloped social filters
StephenMcCranie's avatar
oh my gosh that is so cute
No-Cool-Artist-Name's avatar
But this is posted on the net lol.still good info for net addicts.
AJInu-Okami's avatar
This can work. I can work with that. Thanks :) I really need to get off the internet, but do to the fact that I don't have a job (applied to some, but no response), no money and all of my friends are still in high school (college kid right here), I can't get out much. Well, time to change all of that.
BanditRingtail3's avatar
Yeah.  This.  This I need to do.  If I can break the cycle, I just know I can get my work done for real.
StephenMcCranie's avatar
xFireGatezx's avatar
Well done sir. *clap clap*
I... Think this could work.

Hell, I just favorited this just so that I can refer to it later, because ironically I have to head off to work soon.
BurningUniverse's avatar
Once or twice a year me and my family take a holiday in a foreign land for around 2 - 3 weeks - we don't have internet there and we really enjoy it because the day is much longer if you're not spending all of your time online. Also, it's a time where I'm highly creative!
Sadly, when we're back home and everything's back to normal again, Internet got us back.
Thanks for this suggestion how to end the cycle, I think I'll go and try it out! Maybe it can help me reducing my online times a bit.~
StephenMcCranie's avatar
Yeah-- I'm the same way.
MatyChan's avatar
my internet connection died a few days ago and i'm only able to check the internet when i sit down in a cafe or have a break at university. first i totally freaked out but now i start to notice how much i got done in this time.... i think i'll leave it like this for a bit longer.
thanks for this :)
anrili's avatar
That helped a lot OwO
Metalmidget12's avatar
This is SO HANDY.

Like, if you'd just given a lecture about the disruption, I pretty much would've ignored it.
But you tell us why.
And how to work through it.

Now all we need is to slowly wane ourselves off it. (Not social media in my case, but random anime, music, and shorts while working on a 6 hr deadline. -_- )

THANK YOU !! ^_^
StephenMcCranie's avatar
ShirakiYuki's avatar
lol I totally got distracted XD was supposed to go to sleep when this caught my eye! and so another min or so shaved off my sleep scheduled orz loool <3
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