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Botany Bay Cartoon Style Abstract Illustration by StephenL Botany Bay Cartoon Style Abstract Illustration by StephenL
This painting is still work in process.

This is an idea that has floated around in my head for quite some time. Read this series of books back in the 1980's entitled "The Australians", names like Jenny Taggart and Abigail Tempest come to mind. Started a traditional media abstract drawing back in the late 1980's. Recently scanned the drawing onto computer and made changes using Corel Painter to create a digital painting.
So far this looks like a storybook cartoon style illustration.
The style of expression is abstract since historically the ships near the dock are not necessarily British ships yet represent a European Mediterranean area. Eventually this type of European mixture in culture does colonize and immigrate to Australia.
Therefore I decided to make the ships of a more all inclusive European style. The painting is suppose to represent Aboriginals looking on as the ships are moving into dock.
Botany Bay seems a good place geographically since that is where the first settlers actually did land.

Not sure if I should continue this painting as an abstract composition or start moving in the direction of a realistic style historical painting. This would require some research and reference material as to how the actual objects should look to appear authentic as they did occur in history.
Hopefully in the future (time and resources available) I would like to develop this painting further.

Would appreciate some suggestions on the direction to continue. Should I continue in this abstract direction and improve appearance of composition? On the other hand do you believe this should move in the direction of actual historical context and attempt to recreate the objects in this painting as they probably appeared in reality?

Any comments welcome and appreciated. Thank you.
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June 15, 2012
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