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April 13, 2014
Holy gams, Batman! I may live to regret drawing this... by Stephenbyrne
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I may live to regret drawing this...

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This is amazing. Both the style and the subject. I definitly want to see more of this kind of art!

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I wish.  I wanna see more almost naked male superheroes.
Forcedlactationlover's avatar
Nah! But my suspicions are that there are far more men than women on  deviantART, and that we are, for many biological reasons, the more visual of the two sexes, so we openly react more, even as we draw more, pictures of women than women do of men. 
Khasdannyanlord's avatar
in fact happens but those art pices tend more to secretively and for anonimous clients ... hahahah so many people order them but no one want share on public peculiar tastes....
So, why don't they?  I see no issues here!
Blackbison01's avatar
Characters from Jojo's Bizarre adventure get away with this stuff
waterbaloon's avatar
If only they dressed that way...
Khasdannyanlord's avatar
for that exist us the artist hahaha
amethrym's avatar
I love this so much <3
Oliriv's avatar
well female superheroes are not masculinized by pinup artist, so I don't understand why this BAtman is feminized, however, if women are into this, why not? I'll respect your tastes as long as you respect mine. Equality at it's best
EvilTrapZ's avatar
Though limited to the subject of the style of the outfits that they are drawn in you then have to look at factors like body shape. Such as the reason the male superheroes won't be drawn wearing bras isn't anything to do with how the artist is treating them but instead is just about body shape. A solid male is kind of rectangular and female outfits are not designed for rectangles. Females require steroids to get a really rectangular look. Even the She Hulk who like most superheroes is drawn inconsistently because of the constantly changing artists still manages to maintain her curves appropriate for certain outfits.

In real life of course all that muscle would absorb her breasts. Depending on which version of her it wouldn't be completely but her breasts would still be reduced from the size found in any depiction of her.
EvilTrapZ's avatar
Ignorance. I have literally thousands of examples of sexy male superhero art saved to my computer. :facepalm: 

A random non-hentai example:…

Spreading ignorance. I suppose everyone needs a hobby.
Bomi-Bun's avatar
I believe they're possibly referring to pin-up artists who get their work featured in comic books as extra alternate covers.
Avarlia's avatar
Great Picture =)
thebalancer20's avatar
Yeah no sh!#t😦😕
GreaserParty's avatar
this is fantastic. Keep it up man!
MisLuck's avatar
Never regret of this. I laugh but at the same time think "Yeah, so true." Only thing men aren't treated equally is that woman body is just more beautiful to watch than male body. 
zosim73's avatar
Needs more focus in the male power fantasy fetish.
Atrixfromice's avatar
I think this is a very clever observation!
It's true that the majority of artists don't get interested in male superheroes when drawing pinups :nod:  but I think it's in great part because in this society we have, people in the media have always given the message that woman it's beautiful, and men don't. Also, they have objetified female beauty to the point where they give the message the the only thing that worths in a woman it's her body.
So that's why the artists (or some of them at least) who actually would like to break down this bad perjudice and draw a male pinup to show men's form is beautiful too; they don't do that cos they don't know how to draw a male pinup, how to make a man sexy, because they are too used too see and hear everywhere stuff that only portraits female beauty.

I think it is possible make a good male pinup, one that actually looks sexy and not ridiculous, if one day they stop to think about the beauty of the male body, and if they would, then it would be cool I think :D
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Yet still not as gay as Batman, from 1997's "Batman & Robin"!
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Ohhh this is real
this is so real
thank you, artist, thanl you
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