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I fear I may have gone too far this time

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oh my god .... is that... is that aquaman ?? with the tentacle ? huh
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Nah, this is almost exactly how it would be. The world is an unfair place. ;-;
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Love it!!!!
That's reality if the world was fair.
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this is some sexy stuff 
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BTW. Theres nothing wrong with this piece if you are infact gay. :shrug:
Its actually quiet well done.
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What does this proves exactly ?
That typical male super heroes can be depicted as if they are members of the YMCA ?
Its an insult to gay culture. As if caricatures of them, should be used as amusement or humor. (BTW: if this was your ture self dpeicting charcters...whats wrong with it) Aesthetic appeal is not in and of-itself evil...its the lack of diversity. More female artist/styles; more minority artist.

Think about it. What if i pulled a dave chappelle, and reversed racial roles in comics? All the whites as side-kicks, and silly stereotypes...and all the black/Latino/Asians as the brooding, handsome, hunky male leads.

Another way to spin it is; draw WW, hawkgirl, and catwomen as very butch LESBIANS. It just doesn't work. Its not parellel to whats going on with female heroines drawn by a masculine minded artist right now. Its the lack of diverse style and voices for a growing diverse fan base. We need to change the boys club, to the world club; but we dont need to change the artist mind itself. Thats just scary mate.

Just something to think about.
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superman looks like hes about to twirk lol
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This is fucking great!
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Would they really draw them tastelessly fetishistic, in bizarre outfits and poses that clash awkwardly with their masculinity like you have done here? I would hope pinup artists would draw them without knee-high boots and leather thongs, and actually make them sexually appealing while also maintaining what makes a male, a male. You have not accomplished that here, in my view, and I hope the stereotypical gay camp style was used ironically in this composition.

I agree that men should be allowed to be sexual like women, but not like this.
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I think, this image was drawn mainly as a joke.
They are sexualized in a feminine way, because otherwise it wouldn't be very funny. xD
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You mean not in the same exact way woman are sexualised? That's all this is. And if it's disturbing to you now it should be when you see it on a woman, too. Tastelessly fetishistic, bizarre outfits and say that clash with their masculinity but why is a woman's body being bent in awkward positions considered 'feminine'? It sets unrealistic ideas of what a human body should be like - male or female.

Does that make sense? (not in a sarcastic or rude way I just saw holes in what you were saying)
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Does what compliments the male form also compliment the female form? I don't know if a man in his 40s can pull off a onesie the same way a toddler can, and I'm wondering if you believe a man can use his body the same way a woman can use her's. Some of it can be attributed to cultural influence, but are certain poses and embellishment naturally more complimentary towards women than men?

To clarify, I am also ill-at-ease when certain female anatomy and adornments are completely void of tasteful subtlety. I am much more intrigued by emotional context rather than perversely exploiting a person's physical biology. 
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No, I absolutely see what you are saying. Certain poses do have better aesthetic for men or women. But many of the poses used for women exaggerate features to the point that no women can /actually/ look that way and make that pose; such as overly curved spines and breasts too huge on a torso so small she'd fall over, extremely /tiny/ hands and necks and feet, and unnaturally large eyes. 

A lot of aesthetic is cultural, but the point of the image is to say it has been taken to the point where it's unrealistic and shames women who don't look that way - even though it is near impossible to do some of those poses.

Also, in some way, labeling things feminine and masculine makes people feel wrong for not fitting the image.
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First off; i agree that No one should ever have to feel they should look anyway. Black women shouldn't feel like they have to straighten their hair, curvey women shouldn't feel the need to be thin...ect.

But i dont think that is typically an artist intention when creating a fictional piece of work; sexual or otherwise.
For all intents and purposes, male characters are drawn the same way as female character...idealized per heterosexuality.
All this image does is show how male super heroes would look if there were members of the YMCA. Are we making fun of caricatures of gay men now ?

Its being applauded for reversing gender roles. Its quiet insulting in and of istelf. As to say...those who like pink, or knee high boots are somehow holding humanity back. Where will it end....telling guys they need to stop building muscles, wearing hoodies, and standing up to pee  ? Should a women stop wearing the things she does, because it makes someone feel self conscience?

Someones art being physically inaccurate is not enough to warrant a war on said art. Furthermore, if you feel you need to appear as that art is depicted you need help. Seriously...,a psychiatrist, priest, parental advice...SOMETHING. I grew up around macho men, who only valued physical perfection and the myth that all of us have 13 inch penises, now how to dance,play basketball, and be a thug. Well im here to tell you that i dont have a 13 inch penis, nor a perfect physique, and i suck at basketball...and im doing just fine.

You should too. Any guy who thinks these pieces of art are real are kidding themselves, and wont get anywhere until they enter reality.

Just some food for thought.
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Wow. Nice. Hahaha!
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wh... why are their nipples so huge?
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because that is how a lot of people draw female nipples and it's imitating that :) 
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Well my wifes nipples are that big. Are we nipple-shaming now ?
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congratulations on being a troll post and not reading anything i wrote and ultimately just looking to start an argument because you're bored ;).

i didn't say anything negative about them, i said THATS how artists draw nipples lately for females. you can decide whether thats positive or negative but ultimately your pick a fight tactic failed. 
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