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To anyone who asked me to do movie reviews (Vent) by Stephen-Fisher, visual art

Attention everyone! The tests were negative Sparky DOES NOT have COVID-19! She instead got a bad cold! :)
Good morning all of MLPFAN3991's fans this is Sparky's brother saying that my little sis is doing fine she's sleeping and is drinking a lot of water so she'll have breakfast in a couple of hours and my wife is cooking stuff for her and my little angels are also praying for her safety. :( But hopefully the test results come in sometime today.
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I'm just an autistic person who is a brony, and loves semi trucks, trains, being here, having a lot of fun, hanging out from my friends, and watching movies, shows, like my friends, etc.

And no, I do not do any requests at all, Sorry. :(

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I didn't liked the Looney Tunes franchise. :(
I didn't like Space Jam (1996).
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As you can see, I am planning to make a future idea, of a wiki about one person, who previously made the shows called Lost In Space, and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, made over five theatrical disaster films, and five television disaster films with total of ten disaster films, is Irwin Allen. Irwin Allen, (1916-1991) who was a American film and television producer and director, known for his work in science fiction, then later as the "Master of Disaster" for his work in the disaster film genre. His most successful productions were The Poseidon Adventure (1972) and The Towering Inferno (1974), but the last three theatrical disaster films were not well received, and being a box-office failures. The wiki will only focusing on the ten Irwin Allen's disaster films during the 1970s era of disaster, however, it will also included casts, locations, objects, and characters who were involved in any of his disaster films, not the non-Irwin Allen disaster films from 1980s, or 1990, just
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You know what? I started to think of it. I didn't think The Swarm (1978) was the worst Irwin Allen disaster film, but it was the weakest Irwin Allen disaster film to date, not as the weakest as the last two In my nowadays opinion though. :(
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I finally got to 500 watchers! :D
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Hey Steven, If You Like Space Jam 2, Then I RESPECT Your Opinion, But What Are Your Honest Thoughts And Opinions On This?:

I am NOT a Looney Tunes fan. :(

Do you like the Barney & Friends episode "Oh Brother, She's My Sister"?

Not a fan of Barney anymore. :(

Huh. Sorry, I'm just asking because of that argument Baby Bop and BJ have in the episode.

Hey Steven, You Might Not Know, But I Just Wanted To Let You Know That There's Been An Anti Godzillavkk Stamp Made: