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Troll Variations 02a

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The trolls were a huge undertaking that was touched by every character person in SMS. You can find the awesome sculpt work for most of the trolls over at Eric's Page:

The earliest foundations were laid by my friend and lead: Dela Longfish, with heavy lifting during production done on the part of Vance Kovacs.
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Here's a fun fact about god of war: when god of war 3 was in development, the original story involved kratos fighting not only the Greek pantheon, but also the Norse and Egyptian pantheons as well. It's quite possible the Norse aspect of god of war 3's original story inspired the setting and story of god of war PS4.

it would've been cool to see OG kratos fight the Norse and Egyptian gods
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Why does he look like the behemoth from evolve ?
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Kratos has already taken them.
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hmm surprised yall never did the old folklore at style of trolls being with large noses
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Its all a little overdone really, they wanted mammoth and old ape sort of feelings, but with the intelligence of people.
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love that reasoning :)
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good job realy good
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I wish I could've enjoyed the game more, because the artwork is gorgeous.
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this troll used his clubs to break rocks so he can cover his arms with said rocks
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what is it. god of war?
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Really love all these behind the scenes artwork.
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Wow! I'm sure there are still tons of other cool designs that remained unused for the game. I like this troll design, it has different characteristics from the one in the game. 
I never thought the monster would be so intelligent.  Like it created an weapon.
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