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A bunch of critter ideas for the desert Wildlife.

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Screw the Crucifix! Where's my RPG... Wait... I've lost that to?!?!
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I kinda wish some of these got in-game.. especially that large herbivore on the left and the one in the lower right corner.
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imagine if c was just sitting on your bed staring right at you in the middle of the night
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Would make for an early morning O_O
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So, this game's verse is expanding!
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Kinda, there are a ton of unused ideas :P
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Woah, wicked designs here dude! Love it. :wow:
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that guy in the right lower corner is cool. nice flow and I like the tail.. it's more like a christmastree of smackofaction
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haha! Draggin around some fuggin christmas tree xD
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Super inspiring!
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I'm curious, is it possible to load up a dev test map in solo mode?
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I'm not sure what you mean by that o_O?
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I mean, a map that's not for playing online, but that's used for testing out the in game assets.
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There is not one : /, the only ones we have never ship.
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Ah, I see. Got it.
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Man, I want a game where it is just about the life on these planets! :D ^_^
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Just run around as any number of the wildlife :3? That'd be fun!
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Wow ! Just fantastic work, i love the "H" ^^
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Thanks! I pulled from pengolins and this one weird breed of gecko O_O
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