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The 4th monster!…

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...I do believe this an improvement, or a preferred look at least over the other one.

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Such zergy feels. The face reminds me of zerg unit in sc2. gj
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three days to go and i want squash them like bugs
once video came to us, the first view of behemoth i love it even more :)
i assume he is big fan for ac/dc Rock or Bust
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All the rock n rollin music ;) I'm excited to play him with the public too!
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This looks more like the bog skin than default
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When doing concepts for the monsters in-game, I always put extra color in them, as the lighting in most maps makes them more muted. Its harder to see color when its dark ;)
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Oh. I love playing as him and love the elite skin too. (Personally I like the default) I love how the rocks are armor not his skin. Whoever thought of that was a genius.
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Saw what the monster looks like today! Can't wait to see more of your concepts on this guy!
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Are those guts going to be some sort of weak point? Or just guts?
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Quickly! Run directly under the giant earth shattering lava throwing monster of death!
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Oh my god ! I can't wait to see the result In game !
That's an amazing work ! I'm already a fan !
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:3 Thanks! try it out ;D
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My opinion of the hunters: "I like everyone except the 3rd medic's negative personality.
My opinion of the monsters: "Goilioth is the only one that isn't broke, kraken is hard to hit, I can't have an opinion for the behemoth because I don't know when he comes around, & wraith...That thing can go sod off, & die in a hole.
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Bucket and Lazarus are my favorite characters, i kinda dislike Caira being so "know it all" too, but it makes for an interesting character to play off of with others :P.

Tips for fighting Kraken: Abe and Val are extremely strong at pulling him down from the air, removing his mobility, and Gryphon is excellent for controlling his movements in the air, Kraken also has the largest head-shot hitbox in the game, making him a hyper vulnerable target to more precision based hunters like Cabot, Lazarus, and val. He is more difficult to hit, but when you can manage it he will melt like butter :).

Wraith is a bit more tricky, while difficult to outright catch with the arena, you have to equal it in craftiness. Try cloaking your team / the tracker before getting within 60-100 meters of the monster. Try and toss the arena while cloaked when the monster is feeding.

You can also (once you have enough play-time with the maps) Split up into two teams, trapper with support and Assault with the Medic. Use a flush 'em out type tactic, where the medic and the assault follow the tracks directly and pressure the monster forward, while the Trapper and Support head them off based off of the trajectory of the tracks. :) Decoy can be annoying, but once you learn to recognize the signs of what make a fake (Ie: It teleports 3 times towards you, the REAL monster would likely not charge straight at you, the decoy also flickers when you hit it once). When the Wraith uses decoy, they cannot teleport slowing THEM down and allowing you to catchup :).

In combat, Burst damage is important, always take at least one character that has a lot of burst on the team. Like Hank with his orbital, Markov with his mines. You can also take characters like Bucket to deal with those wraiths that play more evasive when caught, dropping turrets all through-out so as soon as they un-cloak they get punished :) She has next to no armor, if you can burst it down you will pressure her to be more conservative OR more wreckless, which should be capitalized on accordingly :D.

Its a long read, but we do the best we can to balance things in-house. I'd be fun if we could play together sometime, or if you have questions you can hit me up on steam, send me a note with your id and ill add you :)
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neat tactics, it will come in handy when i play as hunter. by the way  i have my one way to identify the real wraith when it pop her decoy, i use griffins harpoon right when wraith uses his decoy ability, once i caught the real one which has white spring attached to invisible one the rest can burst it down till decoy vanish or real one tries to break off the chain and that cause decoy to fade. it take pratices to time the moment to shoot at the real one right when it uses it decoy.

 i love maggie and abes play style but i have to go with yellow bush mustache hunter griffin. not only it's satisfy to shoot harpoons on the monsters back when it tries to run away (Moby dick style) but sound spikes is pretty useful when you know how to use them pretty well, like upon certain small passages to other side of the map, put down two in that area with great radius apart, giving us the hint to where it goes, if monster player is self aware and start to sneak by the sound spike, that can be challenge by itself.  but still i going to master maggie and abe so thanks the tactical tips stephen.  :)
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The Gryphon harpoon is one of the more advanced techniques, and the best one, as in order to break the harpoon they are forced to come out of stealth.
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it all about time that moment and senses when you now time to strike harpoon. but if you have hyde in the game he can reveal a small glimpse of the invisible wraith by throwing gas grenades and cause burn damage with his flame thrower. pretty go use as well with abe and his stasis grenades to slow down wraith. maggie is like mind field with her harpoon sentries out spread the area if you ever get caught when try to get trapper first.

btw the behemoth that everybody thinks it will be impossible monster i don't think so, judging by his massive strength to decreases his movement and climbing speed i think their is a good plan to take down a 3 stage behemoth. 

here's my plan for it. step 1 is to fight on place where their is high floors to set your sniper Val and hank there. let say for example the dam, step 2 is to have abe with his stasis grenade and hyde with his gas grenade into behemoth and val shoots a tranquilizer on the monster so they they can cripple as much as they can. step 3 hank call upon orbital barrage upon the cripple behemoth and that will burst down his defense so fast along with hyde's gas grenade and flame thrower and val shooting weak spots and more tranquilizer shot and go back to healing while hank shield the hunters the rest burst him down.

if he is going to catch you with his harpoon tongue you make sure their is plenty enough rooms on high ground where val and hank are to avoid his tongue grasp. if behemoth tries to climb up to you, just fly off to other side of the area and re group and avoid is fissures and lava bombs. the rest is mostly to avoid while not go so far away from each other so behemoth can summon his stone wall to separate the other hunters and that can be a problem if you are on tight room with it. so Stephen do you like this plan and what is you thought on it. i pretty sure behemoth will be still a challenge but not unfair as those who think such as that. 
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Thanks, Maybe this'll help.
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Great work , I like rocky limbs.
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