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No, it's not Mabel Pines bashing. It's about a journal entry and a status post then :iconmickeyelric11: posted about a fanart of Mabel he posted but was removed along with a piece of evidence who goes to an archived copy on Webcite, another website archive who play the same role as Archive.is and the Wayback Machine. www.webcitation.org/6yO8CdZWj
The War of the UnderpantsGreetings, my dear audience! I’m mickeyelric11, and today I bring you exciting news: I have lost my virginity!...no, I don’t mean I had sex, but that an asshole and deviantART fucked with me.
            A couple of days ago, I got my very first report because of a “politically incorrect” fanart, and then I had it removed. Therefore, I’m going to tell you the whole story in this journal. So, get a comfortable chair, make some pop corn, and prepare to palm your face in shame for others.
            I’m pretty sure many of you still remember my “controversial” work I made about Mabel Pines, right? I’m talking about my Toy Girls piece: “Toy Girls – Collectibles Series 10: Mabel Pines”. It was a remake of the character from “Gravity Falls” for my project of Toy Girls, but, in that occasion, I

Here the archived link located on the Wayback Machine as well as Archive.is showing the comments about the fanarts of Mabel in question. web.archive.org/web/2018021122…

That give me food for thoughts, some of you remember my previous journal entries about Dan Schneider along with DA alumni EC-707
From EC-707 to Dan Schneider and Chris Savino 2This is a short and quick follow-up to a previous journal entry itself a follow-up a other previous journal entries. From EC-707 to Dan Schneider and Chris Savino 
From Chris Savino to Zcat6 and Dan Schneider
The truth about Hollywood
That episode from Victorious titled "Survival of the Hottest" where Ariana Grande received water but not in the "You Can't do that in Television"(YCDTOTV)* way and from what I read on the trivia section, that episode aired on Ariana Grande 17th birthday. We can see clips of that moment on Youtube and now it's had been turned into a meme. If we go in a uproar about
From EC-707 to Dan Schneider and Chris SavinoThis is a follow-up to previous journal entries then I did and I think I should name the guy in question who did controversial fanarts, DA alumni EC-707.

:iconWASH-R0T0M: did a good journal entry about EC-707 along with 2 former journal entries from a former DA alumni archived on Archive.is

What's the link with Chris Savino and Dan Schneider? Besides that article from RedState about Dan Schneider https://www.redstate.com/kiradavis/2017/10/24/next-big-hollywood-sex-scandal-already-breaking...at-nickelodeon/ along with this discussion on another forum.
Nickelodeon splits with Dan SchneiderHere some articles about Nickelodeon splitting with Dan Schneider from http://deadline.com/2018/03/nickelodeon-tv-series-producer-dan-schneider-part-ways-1202353698/
http://variety.com/2018/tv/news/nickelodeon-dan-schneider-1202736791/ along with these posts on Twitter. https://twitter.com/JohnDoe78359022/status/978403425758171137?s=09
I guess Nickelodeon decided to drop him before the potato became too hot to handle. 
I also spotted some vlogs about this. The Dan Schneider part in the 2nd vlog begins at  1:05:28
And this AMV about Dan Schneider's antics.
Edit: I wonder if this fanart of Timmy and Trixie escaping from Dan Schneider unsuperv

So that fanart of Mabel Pines offended you but what about that Victorious episode showing an wet Ariana Grande moment before we know who's Dan Schneider really is? 

And that inspired me for this meme who might said something about double-standards

Come to think of it, I repost that meme then I mentionned in a previous journal entry about Dan Schneider who might worth a 1000 words.

And I conclude with this vlog about Dan Schneider.

Edit: A big thank you for the Kiwifarm user then I won't name it for safety reasons for the free publicity and a well needed Streisand effect. :D archive.is/mf9BX

Edit #2: Another thank you to another Kiwifarm user nicknamed Troglodyte.35 for the free publicity. 
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Talk about a strawman argument. Okay, what does the victorious scene involve? It involves a group of people, in their teens possibly, playing with squirtguns on a hot day. Squirt guns are generally regarded as a fun little activity young people do on a hot day to keep cool. I can't really confirm, but I could tell you that nine times out of ten those people who are participating in that activity probably don't have their pants down unzipped dick in hands.

Meanwhile what does the Mabel Pines picture entail? It features a young minor character who is canonically 8 years old standing in an odd pose for no reason while the wind is conveniently blowing her skirt showing her underwear (her private spot that no sane person child or not would want shown unless for sexual heat). Her expression shows she's trying to generate sexual heat from the pose and this implies the picture is supposed to be "sexy".

So what artistically is the latter even portraying? There's nothing cute about a child having her privates revealed when she doesn't want it. Meanwhile the former is portraying a common activity teenagers and children partake in everyday during the spring or summer. So I ask you, in what situation would you see a little girl having her skirt blown and having her underpants revealed?
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I wonder how do you know then Mabel is 8 years old, wasn't supposed to be 12 years old like her brother Dipper or 13 at the conclusion of the episode "Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls"?

Is it ok with you if I archived your comment on the Wayback Machine?  web.archive.org/web/2018040301…  
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Okay one, answer the fucking question. Two, if you wanna archive the thing I don't care it's not like it's going to do anything against me anyway, and number three, you can tell the character even in the tv show despite having no knowledge of gravity falls, looks to be of a young age under 10.
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Arianna don't have her pants down I know but when we read and saw here and there all the rumors about the producer Dan Schneider then some even compared him to Harvey Weinstein. O_o If these rumors had some parts of truth.....the Nickelodeon fan will be hit really hard and now add John K. antics now out of the bag, that won't help Nickelodeon. 

Now, I feel dazed and confused I wonder between a cartoon character and a real-life person around the same age, what's the worse, what's the difference?

And again, I said a big thank you to the Kiwifarm user then I decided to name since his name appeared on the Archived copy on Kiwifarms: Piga Dgrifm. Unless you could be Piga Dgrifm yourself but I doubt it. 
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Okay I'm going to ask you again, where would you see a little girl having her skirt blown and her underwear revealed being okay? In what way is that NOT a sexually explicit image?
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It depends, if it was blowed by accident or by purpose. If it by purpose, no.  
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So why are you defending the picture then?
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One thing that come in mind, Troglodyte.35/Limpin90, is that fanart of Mabel offended you but there's that photo who's been on Deviantart since 2008 didn't get lots of flame.

Edit: By the way, I thought Piga Dgrifm was POLH1995 and once again, I apologize for suspecting him. I guess he might have other accounts, like glassesgaming for example. https://archive.vn/Ungzz

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Sorry for that late reply Limpin90/Troglodyte.35, better late than never. 

Tell my apologies to Piga Dgrifm because I suspected then he was POLH1995 the guy who "congratulated" :iconmickeyelric11: in that comment. archive.fo/j56Ng I understand why he deleted his account, throwing a rock from a house of glass might not be a good idea, we check a sample of his former collection of foot fetish fanarts on his profile page. archive.fo/tyfvB  
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I thought it was by accident like that photo of Marilyn Monroe if it was really an accident but now you gived me second thoughts. 

Btw, you're still ok with that Victorious scene even if the rumors then Dan Schneider might be even a pedophile could be true Limpin90 or should I said Troglodyte.35? If you're not Troglodyte.35, I apologize in advance. 
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