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Dragons, Mad Doctors and Tea
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Dragon Dr Neo Cortex

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Queeny Cortex

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Jester Steph

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Artist // Hobbyist // Digital Art
  • Dec 26
  • Australia
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My Bio

[Steph l♑26th Dec l Female ♀ (Her/She) l Age 29 l ARTIST l Australia ]

MS Paint 3 Icon Photoshop CS6 Icon Clip Studio Paint Pro Icon

Good side: friendly, compassionate, humorous, serious, Down to Earth,optimistic

Bad side: mildly bad temper,devious mind , Anxiety problems

Likes: Drawing Fantasy Art, cartoon, RP Games ,chocolate, tea, felines, Monster / Dragon movies, nature, romance, Good manners from others

Hates: extreme heat/cold/dry weather, animal cruelty, abuse ,rude people,leeches-ticks-mosquitoes-parasites,snobby people, swearing obnoxious people, smokers, trollers

Fear: Darkness, Heights, Deep water ,jellyfish

Holidays i like celebrate



-Day of dead / Halloween

-Anzac day

-Australia day

Mild on holidays


-fathers day


-mothers day

❤💗Things I love to draw and can draw 💗❤

Pairings Of Any Gender/ OCs X Canon / Canon X Canon

Fanarts / Animals/ Anthros/ Dragons/ Creatures

Fashion / Humans/Humanoids/ simple robots

Erotics/Nudes/Mild Gore

❌🚫Things I hate to draw or won't 🚫❌

Pedo/Necro/Incest/Hyper/Nappy/Certain Vores

extreme robots and cars/hard gore/ Drug abuse/BASHING OCs and characters/HATE ART

realistic humans (can't)/ extreme BGs only best i can do/ comics- rarely

Other site accounts (usally under same name StephDragonness)

My Singers of choice

Lady Gaga / Shakira / Rock/ Pop/Funk/Electric/Country/Disco

My Fav Characters And Creatures

Megamind Fan Button
Dr. Cockroach Fan Button
Nitros Oxide Fan Button
Mega-Mix Fan Button
Sir Dan Fan Button
Godzilla Fan Button
Monster Hunter Fan Button
Jurassic Park Fan Button

Favourite Visual Artist
Frida Carlo / Leonardo da Vinci
Favourite Movies
DragonHeart / Petes Dragon / Laputa / Zootopia / The Labyrinth / the Addems Family
Favourite TV Shows
2 Broke Girls/ Game of Thrones / Golden Girls / Alf / One Piece /Witcher / Dark Crystal
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
lady gaga /Shakira / Rock /Pop / techno / Classic / Rap / Country
Favourite Books
GooseBumps / Dracopedia / Eerie and Thriller Comics / Treasure Island / Dracula /Peter Pan
Favourite Writers
R.L.Stine / Edger Allen Poe / Terry Patchet / JK,Rowling
Favourite Games
Crash Bandicoot / Spyro series /Sly Cooper / Fallout / Monster Hunter / Witcher3 / Elder Scrolls
Favourite Gaming Platform
PlayStation Series
Tools of the Trade
PhotoShop Element 0.8 / MS paint / Clip Studio Paint pro
Other Interests
i hate eclipse bring back good old DeviantARt

Status and Rules



REQUESTS ~ only FanArt

Rules ~ $ PAYPAL / :points: POINTS

  • You Can ask me for trade! must upload ur half first then i'll do my half.

  • Dont Ask me For Requests for personal character Art, But can Ask me Like see a Fanart of a character if im familiar With the Fandom, I'll see if get moment draw up some FanArt Ideas.

  • Commissions Prices at Top profile or on Journals, announce when im Open to Trade or Commission


  • U have be 18+ ask for NSFW Commissions.

  • More Info on My Commission Sheet

🟣 10%~Planing

🟣🟣 25%~ Sketching

🟣🟣🟣 50% ~ LineArt

🟣🟣🟣🟣70% ~ Coloring

Font: Crash bandicoot style Font - Art Trades
Font: Crash bandicoot style Font - Commissions

~Brook one piece 🟣🟣

Contest Prizes

Lisandra99 -Full Colored/Background Pic 2 Characters) 🟣

Cursed-Girl -2 Characters non Background 🟣

StellarFairy -2 Character Chibis) 🟣

ThatCrazyArtsit - Chibi Candy🟣

britts-demesne - Chibi (waiting on decision) 🟣


🟣 10%~Planing

🟣🟣 25%~ Sketching

🟣🟣🟣 50% ~ LineArt

🟣🟣🟣🟣70% ~ Coloring




spyro ~ chests, basket

Winking cortex



rose quartz





Pixel Emoticon: Dr Neo Cortex Classic ~static Pixel Emoticon: Dr Cortex ~damn u crash bandicootPixel Emoticon: Neo Cortex - ThinkingPixel Emoticon: Dr Neo Cortex ~ Crystal CrazyPixel: Pixel Emoticon - Dr Cortex -Titan versionPixel Emoticon: Dr Neo Cortex Evil Laugh

Art Trade - Steph and Cortex
The Real Treasure
Candle Light Dinner
Contest prize for StephDragonness!!
Dragon Glomp Attack

Friends and other stuff

💚 Mixed Order Wonderful Friends 💚

ToxicOrion Anais-thunder-pen BlueStripedRenulian Cyboarnetic britts-demesne Dr-Disappointment Eternity9 Groovy-GeckoAso-Designer

AngieCK KalmaHine Ashetoret Creedovich HaloLuna BlueRavenfire FireballStardraco Drakoling123CANGOMI

AshDragon93 Nikka-A mcp100 Mizz-Swagnificent JenL LittleMissDevil21 PinkVelvetPrincess Queen-Koopa Cursed-Girl

Beetlejulia Ashen-Oni-Creations babyangelic Benthehyena CartoonSilverFox Pyrus-Leonidas CrazyTaizy 0scaritoSuperSaiyanCrash CloudineTibaut Eveeka GatorArt27 Lisandra99 littlebluelovesrose TR4SHPUNK spacecrusade woo--bab SpiketheKlown

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shadowbff SSL13 shinragod wolfcub rockycoot SephyTCD ShadowMonster20 The-GreenGoblin dragonofbrainstorms

no idea if i missed someone, let me know Eclipse is Anoyin

💗 IDOLS Of Beautiful Inspiring ArtWorks 💗

123soleil Adalfyre 13foxywolf666 Carolzilla BryanBaugh DefectiveThylacine cloudypouty cybercortex GlowingSpirit

Zummeng ZombiDJ ZheyZhey xXBlueFireDragonXx Yorialu WeirdHyenas Turquoisephoenix Accidental-Elemental delistylehardcore

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PreciousFox MightyRaptor IsisMasshiro Shaiger DemonML DSA09 HH-HorrorHigh DragonOfIceAndFire EmzieTowers

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Yesterday my other cat princess passed away, just after last month looosing skye kinda forseen princess health was failing over last months so.. it was expected her health get so bad, we had to put her down when she had a stroke she couldn't walk. just note up be quiet awhile, just get work/commissions/raffle/adopts done and get through xmas hope for better next year. both 17 years. princess skye
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2021 have second account youtube as "Dr neo cortex FTW Candytex FTL" still harassing others and makeing hate videos on other artist ____________________ Under new Name here DA as "CutePlushyKitten" and still reposting others art and now forming as hate art on a OC character ________________________________________ 2020 I dont like Calling out people, i just want avoid the stress but PreWarning on Twitter @HotzEmma Aka on DeviantArt KingCortexKid. i blocked them while ago cause they reposted/traced artworks mine & other artists. they throwing tantrums on their twitter they get blocked by people. Just warn everyone just avoid this person as they use emotional blackmailing on u and dont respect wishes others when they dont get there way (promptly see over there twitter) also created this on there youtube account (warning swearing and Loud) I am Not Worried with reposting my old art they recently
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At moment with things happen its slow adjustment at home not seeing my lovely Skye around house. My other cat having her own health issues so need focus on at time. Cried myself out, i just want distractions get back to life routine & drawing. Thank You All For the Support 💕❤
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Thank you for the watch, Steph! :D

thank you for the :+fav: :glomp: :glomp:

Thanks for the fav!!!

Thanks a bunch for the fave! :D

steph guess what?

i favortiteing your picture cool right?

Happy New Year! 🙌🎆🥂💛