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Perfect Timing

There is always something I see that I want to capture with my camera. Unfortunately I cant lug it around with me every where. It's times like these when my IPhone has come in handy. It's not the best quality but I can constantly practice my creativity when I can't have my SLR with me. So these are the photos from my IPhone that my Canon sadly couldn't capture.

This photo I did have my Canon with me but decided to take my phone out to send my friend a picture and ended up capturing the Canadian goose at the perfect moment. I was a little chocked it wasn't with my Canon though!! :(
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wonderful image, love the composition :)
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Even though it is from the IPhone, it is a good pic. Very well done. Perhaps it wouldn't be a high quality print, but it is an excellent picture! :iconeeeeeplz:
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Love this !
Great work !
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perfect timing indeed great shot :) so many great elements here..the clouds look like rough strokes on a canvas...i like this alot..instafave!!
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Photobomb-level : Goose :D
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I know exactly how you feel. There are a million moments in the day when I want my camera. I wish there was like a contact lens camera. But alas, we must wait another 20 years.
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Love the angle :D nice perspective
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Very very good photo :). It's one of those one in a million shots :).
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This is extremely awesome !
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Very nice timing indeed, I like the angle too :)
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