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go go gadget PONY

dfsgdfgdfh oh god I'm such a dork.
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He looks fantastic! True to thee original Inspector!  Gadget Emoticon 26 by PolarStar
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Huh, I would have pegged him as a pegasus.... But I guess if that copter is still....

Good expression! Man, Gadget was my childhood hero!
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hey i was thinking about doing this 
Haha! Awesome! My childhood is flashing before my eyes! I love this! :D
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Nice! I never seen an Inspector Gadget pony. :) I like how his eyes look similar to the original Gadget show to.

That was a good '80s cartoon BTW.
EcchiKittenPanties's avatar
Haha, that's great. Seriously though, that's probably one of the better ones I've seen.

(Deja vu, though. For some reason I didn't know your dA name was the same as your twitter.)
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I always on duty! xD
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Two favorite fandoms in one... C'mere, let me hug you!
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TIME WARP... very good
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I was going to draw a set of Gadget ponies but seems you beat me to it.

P.S. If you're going to make Dr. Claw, can you make him a griffin?
It makes perfect sense because the french word for claw is "griff". XD
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Or he could do the one thing the movie did perfectly and actually give him a claw. The classic gauntlet may be cool, but it's still false advertising when a character named "Doctor Claw" has a metal glove instead of an actual claw.
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I guess the gadgetinis would be mini horses?
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The wackiness has been doubled.
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Seeing how the Mare-do-well look like Darkwing Duck You know its a matter of time till there's a character like Gadget in the show or least have a bumbling lawman character that's "... always on duty".
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I cannot stress how much I love this! <33
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I want that tattoo xD
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Oh dude! I freaking love you for this! If this were to happen on the show, I be as giddy as a schoolgirl!
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