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Princess Tariel Nimara Angel Unicorn Dragon Cat

Name: Princess Tariel Nimara
Titles: Warden, Princess, Guardian, Shephardess of Unicorns
Race: Avatar of Abathia the Unicorn Goddess
Age: Unknown

The Dragon Vishantor Reference: Dragon Animal Beast Creature monster Vishantor (aka Smauggers)


The Sword Epiphany Reference: Flaming sword blade weapon dancing dragon flying 

This is a magical sword named Epiphany the Sword of Enlightenment. It bears the flames of Cleansing yet also can wield another magic, the power of air and wind. This is one of Tariel Nimara's Blades. It has two dragons wrapped around each other with their wings spread on the hilt. It features magical stones that glow red when using fire or violet when using air energy. It can do the following: +2 Flaming Dancing Faeryblade (base attributes of longsword but is made of silver and gold with a twisted blade. Other faeblades can be purchased in Tir'Rielle though they won't have the magical enchantments.). It allows access to the Water and Earth Cleric domains and the user may use one power from each per level. This blade whispers wise words to its owner and sometimes randomly to other people and it can be disruptive.

The Sword Unicornity (sword that uses  magic to turn into a wooden staff and can heal

This is a magical sword named Unicornity the Sword of Alicorns. Pictured above in staff form, the staff you see is also a sword. It morphs into a beautiful golden blade which gleams with water and earth magic.  It allows access to the Water and Earth Cleric domains and the user may use one power from each per level. In staff form it performs as a +2 quarterstaff (bludgeoning) and can cast the Heal spell 1/day. In sword form, the blade performs as a Rapier +2 (piercing) and looks like a unicorn horn (alicorn) with two wrapped unicorns on the hilt with spread wings.

Mounts: All in the stable (often rides Malcarnus, Abathia, Abulus)

This is Tariel Nimara, warden of Tir'Rielle Island. I had wanted to draw her anyway. She's a shapeshifter but this is how she usually appears, and the creatures around her are her greatest allies and friends. Her hair (and Abulus's mane) are always affected as if by a breeze or as if its moving slowly underwater, that is important (She can also slightly control hers).

About Tir'Rielle

The magical island can be read about in my stable. They get funds from the outside world by making enchanted cheeses, spells, magic items and more, then selling them to the outside world. Most of the magical things are sold in secret to avoid the world at large from finding the island. However, these purchases allow her to help support the Gygaxian island, the Sanctuary of life and also to help feed her Gygaxian horses which thrive on bad-for-you food. Of course, the island's nature is so that animals can eat whatever they want and still be healthy. This also helps pay for a (partially magic) internet connection that they are using to communicate from their island.

She adopts animals and equines that cannot live anywhere else. This is another reason the Island has such a ragtag bunch around.

She is guarded in turn, not only be Abathia's allies, but also by Abathia's mate, Ixaxi's allies as well. This essentially means little other than a small entourage of energy dragons, however, he sent Atarn, his own Avatar and a small dragon to live with her. Other dragons also live on the island but they are often reclusive.

Random Stuff: This is Tariel Nimara, warden of Tir'Rielle Island. You'll be able to read more about her on the upcoming finished piece (the due date for the competition is June 30 if anyone else is interested in joining). I had wanted to draw her anyway. She's a shapeshifter but this is how she usually appears, and the creatures around her are her greatest allies and friends. Her hair (and Abulus's mane) are always affected as if by a breeze or as if its moving slowly underwater, that is important (She can also slightly control hers).

Here are her closest animal/creature friends which are shown in the picture:
Unicorn: Abulus
The Dragon Vishantor Reference: Dragon Animal Beast Creature monster Vishantor (aka Smauggers)
Bat Winged Cat: Vladimir
Progeny: Cassiel (girl) and Gabriel (boy) twins (with Atarn)

She also has a mate, named Atarn, who is with her constantly on the island. He tends to her during the times that she cannot cope with being possessed by Abathia's spirit.

She is an Avatar of the Goddess Abathia. She was born and raised on a magical island that has little contact with the outside world.

Though her name is unusual, names like hers are common on the island, especially the -el ending to her first name.

Princess Tariel Nimara
Tariel Nimara is a shapeshifter and can often be found in a different form each time you see her.

Character Sheet:…

Color Changing Mood Eyes:…

Tariel Nimara's Common Forms:

Elven Form:…
Demon Form:…
Devil Form:
Light Angelic Form:…… (this also includes a light equine form and a pseudodragon form)
Dark Angelic Form:……
Unicorn Humanoid:……
Light Equine Form:…
Dark Equine Form:……
Mermaid Form:…
Dragon Form:…
Fairy Form:…

Contests:… and received honorable mention… and This piece won 2nd Place in the Unicorns and Dragon's Contest put out by the Unicorn Club.…

Work in progress:…

Inked with Micron pens. Made in prismacolor marker and pencil. Border done in photoshop, that is it, the rest is traditional. Took way too long. Original is not very big (9x12). All the rest is WIP but I will get it done in time for the contest. PLEASE DON'T STEAL.

Look, this piece inspired someone!

Art Divination Reading: Healing, protection and power. This is the High Priestess, wielding considerable will and power. Knowledge of the secrets. portals, unicorn energy and magic. This card is the cool, aloof high priestess who is confident in her sensual power. She knows her feminine powers are considerable. A wise high priestess will not misuse her natural body. She is a strong female in her prime. She represents the wisdom of angels and the beings of light that guard people at night. She is the avatar of the Unicorn Mother and descended directly from the First Unicorn and the First Dragon. Adorned in the vestments of atlantis, this also represents that ancient civilization. She is elusive like the unicorn. She will have a talent for healing. A natural shapeshifter, she adapts easily and can adopt the habits of those around her. She will have a kinship to dragons, cats and unicorns (horses too). She can see beyond the veil and is older beyond her years. She will not break vows. To do so would cause her great distress. She is guarded by dragons that often peer in at her to ensure she is doing well and safe. She is a shephard and guardian of people too, often helping those in need. If young, she may take some time to come to her strength, but she will certainly show a wisdom beyond her years. Hard to read, she is a being of distance and coolness.




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Felshae Shapeshifting Winged Cats


The Art of Stephanie Small is a complex blend of mythical and real. This is your personal invitation to enjoy a tour through the magical and mundane. See a breathtaking visual tour of ancient times and lands filled with trees, magical mushrooms, foliage, enchanted animals and awesome wizards. Let the splendor of unicorns, dragons, griffins, fairies, horses, the winged horse, Pegasus, and even the lone wolf lure you into a world of artistic exploration. Jump into a magical world!


There is something beyond fantasy here. This is a mystical land just for you. If you like something real or mundane, Stephanie creates stunning domestic and wild animals. She studies biology and has a love of the ocean and wild animals. Horses, wolves, foxes, ponies, deer, dogs, cats, panthers, lions, fish, tigers and other creatures are some of the animals she draws. She has done animal pet portraits and is available for commission by emailing for more information.  

Stephanie can be commissioned to do custom artwork including portraits of people, animals, homes or whatever your imagination can devise. She can do custom art as you as a pixie, fairy (faery) or mermaid too! Did you ever want to see yourself as a manga or anime character? Stephanie will do that! She can be commissioned to create a magical portrait of you! Stephanie creates art that features unicorns, mermaids, dragons, griffons and whatever fits her fancy. She can create cute, custom art for you that can be placed on a variety of Zazzle products such as Tshirts, blankets and more. Are you wanting your pet or child drawn? Want their picture on a blanket? Email for details.

Stephanie Small is an artist located in California but she has spent time all over Oregon. Nature is an influential inspiration to Stephanie, as she seeks to augment and reflect what she sees around her in a variety of mediums. Inspired by medieval art, the fantasy and science fiction genre and more, Stephanie has developed a style of mythical realism. Stephanie uses a variety of styles and mixed mediums in her artwork. She regularly uses digital mediums such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Painter and more. She favors traditional mediums such as colored pencil, chalk, pen, ink, pencil, acrylic, watercolor. She has been known to adapt fabric, recycled art, recycled purses to create art that is both useful and stylish.


Stephanie has been interviewed and featured in several magazines and websites. Her artwork has been published several times in books and magazines. She is best known for artwork featured in publications such as the Page, the Twisted Vine, the Unicorn and others. Her artwork will be featured on the cover of several upcoming books and publications. 

She often donates teaching, administrative assistance, research and artwork to many local non-profits. She has taught in-person and online classes on food preservation, writing, gardening, spirituality, unicorns, art and more. She has worked for (and with) the local government to initiate youth projects, senior events and business support.

Stephanie loves unicorns and the horses she grew up with. It is clear in her art. She also loves mermaids. She even has a set of mermaid fins she can swim in. Stephanie Small finds inspiration in the animals of the ocean such as whales, orcas, narwhals and dolphins. Whether you are looking for a gift for girls, boys, men or women or whatever someone identify with, you will find something for everyone. Powerful images which have themes such as cute, goth, fantasy, wild animals, patterns, geometric designs, sacred symbols, pentagrams, realistic or more can all be commissioned and area available in current gallery images. Her products have been featured in pagan groups and wicca organizations. 

She embraces a variety of colors, favoring jewel tones (red, blue, green, purple) as well as more outgoing colors such as orange, yellow, pink, teal, green, violet or lavender, white and more. She provides many steampunk, medieval fantasy, black and gothic or cute anime and manga themed products. She is in the Society for Creative Anachronism ( SCA ) and is a member of the Vallejo Oddfellows as well as other non-profits. She has a veterinary assisting certificate which helps her by giving her a thorough education in anatomy and the natural world. She can also create images that recreate an emotion or event such as happy, sad, depression, love, joy, exhilaration, congratulations, birthday, holiday, Christmas, Halloween, Yule, Easter, Ostara, and whatever other holiday or celebration you can think of! You can purchase her merchandise from Clip Clop Workshop her website.

If you are looking for a personalized gift, look no further! These unique and stunning pieces of work are available in a variety of pieces and many can be customized to your preference. Are you expecting? She has a bunch of great baby gifts available. You can find personalized wedding gifts, Christmas presents and stuff for him and for her! Looking for something for kids, well this art is geared to making them squeal with joy! You can find a variety of personalized birthday gifts, photo gifts and products that appeal to anyone! Stephanie has provided high end and unique quality items, as well as some more inexpensive and cheap items to fill stockings! Visit her Store!

Many of her pieces are cute and fun. She loves to paint her pictures using a variety of colors, she often blends them together. Highlight of contrasting hues augment a variety of her pieces. Whether your favorite color is red, blue, yellow, pink, green, brown, orange, black or white, there is an image that will fit into your home and apparel desires. Stephanie has prepared a variety of images suitable for any occasion. You can explore her Zazzle page to find pillows, blankets, T-shirts, wooden gift boxes, necklaces, jewelry and clothing. These are available for birthday, Christmas, Yule, Easter, Ostara, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Veteran's Day, Solstices, Equinoxes, Eclipses and other holidays.


Stephanie Small is also an actress and you will be able to see her in the upcoming series, 13 Reasons Why and several upcoming major motion pictures. She does voiceover, voiceacting, modeling and can also be hired for these services by emailing

Clip Clop Workshop
: The Art of Stephanie Small and Kaia de Ocampo (married artists who own a motion graphic design company)








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I have published an e-book featuring my art and poetry 

WITH YOU I FELT THE TIDE: Poetry and Fantasy Art, an E-Book

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Thank you so much! Hugs and Unicorn Blessings!
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You're welcome my friend.
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Hugs! Awe Thank you so much! Have a wonderful day and unicorn blessings to you!
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Thank you so much!
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Gorgeous work!
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Thank you so much!!
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Stuff like this, really beautiful, well drawn traditional art, inspires me to draw traditionally more. My hands shakes way to much, but it's getting better.I think to add a little more to this(or something similar) next time would be to have her face in an angle between 3/4 and profile, as to add dimension.
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beautiful art :D
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This is cool. Do you take like different pictures or something then put it together to make it into something cool?
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Nope :D Free hand drew everything together as one picture :D
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Magnificent !
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WOW! :wow: That is gorgeous!!
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Aw! This pictue is so beautiful. ^_^ I love all the creatures. And the staff is wonderuful. The hidden dragons. The unicorns, the winged cat. The wings of the woman. All pretty. I love love love this! ^_^
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You're welcome! ;D
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It took me a while to comment on this (i had commented on its WIP) but i wanted to take my time,you know looking at it. :D
It's trully bautiful,and magical,now that would a perfect word to describe it.I like all the blues and purples and how they contrast with the warm greens.I also really like your choice of colours for the animals,especially the unicorn's.Great work with the background,and the little details,like,is there a dragon head in the bushes,on the top right?? :D
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Thank you for the thoughtful comment. I am glad you like the choices for the color. yes. there are a couple of hidden dragons actually :D
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