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Commission Sale
Have you ever considered having a beautiful piece of original art to hang in your home? Have you ever through of how nice it would be to have a picture of your favorite OC or design, or even a portrait of you? Now you have the chance to have your very own piece to display, drawn by me! I am now making commissions available and I will begin with three openings. The traditional forms will come safely packaged to your home and will be available for framing and display.

Greetings, I will now be taking commissions. Please see my pricelist for guidelines. To see other Commissions, art trades, requests and gift arts you can visit here:…


ARTIST NAME: Stephanie Nichole Small
CONTACT: Pegacorna2
Deviant Art Site:

Realistic, fantasy, unicorns, dragons, things with sparkles and dark colors, high contrast pieces. I don\'t mind doing macabre, horror, sexual and such.

We can talk it over.


Fine Print: I do not frame/mat these pieces, but I will be sending you the originals. Add $10 for moderately complex backgrounds. For very complex backgrounds we can work out a price. The default size is 8x10 but we can work out larger sizes if you\'d like. Prints will not be enabled unless you request them.

************* Bookmarks ************* 
Abriella Felshae Female by StephanieSmall BM Dragonember by StephanieSmall BM Golden Roc by StephanieSmall
Custom Bookmark $10
(may be copied for reproductions)

************* Traditional Art************* 

Pencil Drawings and Lineart
The Penguin Archmagi by StephanieSmall

Mature Content

Dragon Lover by StephanieSmall
Abathia the Winged Unicorn by StephanieSmall Angel for Ame by StephanieSmall Ostara's Blessing by StephanieSmall Ishohem and Ohrelle hatching by StephanieSmall
Pencil: black and white (simple background) your choice of shaded. Here are the costs per character picture:

Head/Bust/Waist: $10 + shipping
Whole Body: $15 + shipping
For multiple characters/beings simply add $5 per figure.
If you want a Sketch (no shading): Deduct $5 from from the Pencil Pricing
Complex Background $5

Gnome for Dragonsember by StephanieSmall Wavius Mage Basic by StephanieSmall Wasios Warrior Evolved Washin by StephanieSmall Washin Warrior basic by StephanieSmall Coloring Book: Evil by StephanieSmall
Lineart costs the same as pencil work. With lineart, it is not colored and is a simple outline.

Pen and Ink
Angel's Kiss by StephanieSmall Mor'tar's Laboratory by StephanieSmall
Head/Bust/Waist: $15 + shipping
Whole Body: $25 + shipping
For multiple characters/beings simply add $5 per figure.
Complex Background $7

Colored Pencil
Brengie for Brengie by StephanieSmall Dream by StephanieSmall The Phoenix Songbird by StephanieSmall Native Unicorn Buckskin Mustang Horse Brown Bay by StephanieSmall
Colored Pencil: color (simple background). Here are the costs per person in the picture:
Head/Bust/Waist: $20 + shipping
Whole Body: $35 + shipping
For multiple characters/beings simply add $7 per figure.
Complex Background:: $10

Art Markers
All the Lonely People by StephanieSmall  Argent Isix for Sludgee by StephanieSmall Abaharan Stallion Winged Unicorn Pegasus Kir'rin by StephanieSmall
Head/Bust/Waist: $25 + shipping
Whole Body: $40 + shipping
For multiple characters/beings simply add $7 per figure
Complex Background: $10

Kentaro the Kir'rin Japanese Sin Loo Dragon Horse by StephanieSmall Dragon and the Knight by StephanieSmall
Head/Bust/Waist: $25 + shipping
Whole Body: $40 + shipping
For multiple characters/beings simply add $7 per figure.
Complex Background $10

Lunicorn: Unicorn of the Moon Horse Blue Lunar by StephanieSmall
Head/Bust/Waist: $45 + shipping
Whole Body: $60 + shipping
For multiple characters/beings simply add $10 per figure.
Complex Background $15
This is for an 8x8 inch canvas.
************* Digital Art (CLOSED)************* 


Queen Felshae the Cute Little Winged Kitten by StephanieSmall The Mind's Eye by StephanieSmall Barbula Dragon Frog Queen Winged Purple Wizard by StephanieSmall Machiko the Female Kir'rin by StephanieSmall The Touch of Spring by StephanieSmall
Computer Generated
Head: $10
Bust: $15
For multiple head/busts of characters/beings simply add $5 per figure.
Waist: $20
Whole Body: $30
For multiple waist/full body characters/beings simply add $10 per figure.

For complex images, talk to me. These are basic prices for basic patterns and characters.

Digital Backgrounds:

Simple: Free
This would be a simple color in the background or a texture, stars, light, also this could include a few nearby objects such as a few rocks, flowers or a tree

Complicated: $5
This has a rough background such as a generic forest, clouds and some mountains etc. 

Detailed Background: $10
This may have figures, birds, animals, buildings or trees, flowers, mountains and more.

I will make it in photoshop. You will receive a full color image and PSD file of the final image and any sketches. I will also send JPG copies or any other format savable in Photoshop.


-I reserve the right to decline any commission request without question.

-I reserve the right to adjust the pricing on a request before I start the commission, depending on difficulty / time scale etc.

-You are free to use your commissioned piece as you see fit, for layouts, character avatars etc. You are not required to link back or credit, but it would be appreciated. However, you may NOT claim the piece as your own. I reserve the rights to the artwork and you may not make money from it.

-I reserve the right to display a commissioned piece on my Deviant ART gallery. If the piece is an original character of yours etc, then all credit will be given to you accordingly. (If you have any problems with me displaying the artwork then just tell me.)

-Regular commissions are NOT to be used for anything like:
Book illustrations, covers, or any other publishing that depicts the artwork or for any profit you may hope to make.
Regular commissions cover NON-commercial use only. You may not make prints of my work to sell. I still hold legal rights to the art. Commissioning me means that you are agreeing to those terms.


-You need to send me a completed COMMISSION FORM below
-You will be given a sketch preview, then once I have the payment (IN FULL) I will continue to update you on the progress of the piece. 
C Almalphia Commission WIP by StephanieSmall <---Here is a sample of the sketch preview for a traditional piece
Julharan and Abathia Lineart by StephanieSmall <---Here is a sample of the sketch preview for a Digital piece
-All commissions will be started and finished in the order that I receive payment. I will only accept a certain amount of commissions at once.

-Payment in full is required after the preview.

-All commissions are NON-refundable.


To request a commission, simply post this COMMISSION FORM into a note to pegacorna2 or email and mention commissions in the subject line. 


Name: Your full, complete legal name (or your parent\'s name)
Address: Not necessary for digital art. Your physical address or one where you can receive your art shipments. Let me know your address and I can tell you what shipping is. I charge no handling fees. US only.
Number of Characters you want drawn: 
Character interaction:
Background: A background can be briefly mentioned here
Black and White or Color:
Total: (Or ask me if you\'re unsure)
Payment Method: Paypal is best (and all at once or two payments) and my paypal email is
Medium: Pencil, Pen and Ink, Digital, Lineart, etc.

Here\'s the information I will need from you for each person in the picture:
Personality: also, mention any moods you\'d like to see
Description: Describe briefly what the character looks like and any race, such as dragon, unicorn, elf, human etc.
Eye Color: if any.
Hair Description: long/med/short, red/blond/black/etc, curly/sleek, shiny/dull, as much detail as you want here.
Markings: tatoos, designs, fur variations, scales, etc
Reference: at least one reference picture is required
Notes: mention any clothing, jewelry etc.

Payments accepted: Paypal. you can either pay everything at once, or you can pay half/half. That means that you can pay half of it now and the other half once I get the work in progress complete. I accept money order, checks and concealed cash. Note: If it doesn\'t make it to my hands, I can\'t guarantee you sent it, so please, be careful!


If you agree to the conditions outlined in my Journal Entry: Commissions then please type yes here:

Have you read everything, even the fine print: type yes or no


Newest Deviations

image3A24111 mirror3 by StephanieSmall image3A24111 mirror3 :iconstephaniesmall:StephanieSmall 7 0 image3A24111 mirror2 by StephanieSmall image3A24111 mirror2 :iconstephaniesmall:StephanieSmall 7 0 image3A24111 mirror by StephanieSmall image3A24111 mirror :iconstephaniesmall:StephanieSmall 6 0 image3A24110 mirror5 by StephanieSmall image3A24110 mirror5 :iconstephaniesmall:StephanieSmall 8 0 image3A24110 mirror3 by StephanieSmall image3A24110 mirror3 :iconstephaniesmall:StephanieSmall 4 0 image3A24110 mirror2 by StephanieSmall image3A24110 mirror2 :iconstephaniesmall:StephanieSmall 6 0 image3A24110 mirror by StephanieSmall image3A24110 mirror :iconstephaniesmall:StephanieSmall 7 0 Phoenix Pheonix Bird Fire Firebird Flames Volcano by StephanieSmall Phoenix Pheonix Bird Fire Firebird Flames Volcano :iconstephaniesmall:StephanieSmall 22 0 Dragon Reptile Monster Space Sky Planet by StephanieSmall Dragon Reptile Monster Space Sky Planet :iconstephaniesmall:StephanieSmall 40 0 Blue Winged Angel People Purple Haired Black Brown by StephanieSmall Blue Winged Angel People Purple Haired Black Brown :iconstephaniesmall:StephanieSmall 10 0 Blue Haired Dreamer Bat Unicorn Dragon Willow by StephanieSmall Blue Haired Dreamer Bat Unicorn Dragon Willow :iconstephaniesmall:StephanieSmall 17 0 Fairy Angel Faery Goddess Pixies Nature Faeries by StephanieSmall Fairy Angel Faery Goddess Pixies Nature Faeries :iconstephaniesmall:StephanieSmall 17 0 African Parrot Pentagram Mermaid Unicorn Griffon by StephanieSmall African Parrot Pentagram Mermaid Unicorn Griffon :iconstephaniesmall:StephanieSmall 18 0 Unicorn Horse Woman Portrait Equine Angel Dragon by StephanieSmall Unicorn Horse Woman Portrait Equine Angel Dragon :iconstephaniesmall:StephanieSmall 20 0 Bat Fractal by StephanieSmall Bat Fractal :iconstephaniesmall:StephanieSmall 19 0 Blue Eyes black purple fractal magic fantasy spell by StephanieSmall Blue Eyes black purple fractal magic fantasy spell :iconstephaniesmall:StephanieSmall 12 0


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In a single touch by StephanieSmall In a single touch :iconstephaniesmall:StephanieSmall 49 20 Dragon Elf kirin Unicorn Phoenix Pegacorn Pegasus by StephanieSmall Dragon Elf kirin Unicorn Phoenix Pegacorn Pegasus :iconstephaniesmall:StephanieSmall 134 13 Black Dragon Glorious Sunset Waves Blue Yellow by StephanieSmall Black Dragon Glorious Sunset Waves Blue Yellow :iconstephaniesmall:StephanieSmall 110 8 words like rain by bohomaz13
Mature content
words like rain :iconbohomaz13:bohomaz13 1,592 195
Dark Stellarcrest Pegasus Mare by StephanieSmall Dark Stellarcrest Pegasus Mare :iconstephaniesmall:StephanieSmall 80 11 mutual thing by Apofiss mutual thing :iconapofiss:Apofiss 10,203 835 Ignis Ignis by Losmios Ignis Ignis :iconlosmios:Losmios 2,398 388 LongestJourney:Transformation by nathie LongestJourney:Transformation :iconnathie:nathie 902 199


StephanieSmall's Profile Picture
Stephanie Small
United States
Unicorn Dreams of Life and Song by pegacorna2 A Native Unicorn by pegacorna2 Nishikigoi - Koi Hippocampus by pegacorna2 The Eternal Embrace by pegacorna2 Princess Tariel Nimara by pegacorna2
I am an artist who specializes in unicorns, horses, dragons, wolves and more.Artist For Hire
I am available for commissions, concepts, illustration, sculptural and more. If you are interested in hiring me then you can contact me at

Please see my Commissions Page for details:…

Although this gallery is primarily personal art, you'll find that the subjects maybe limited. However, I am able to draw a lot. Just send me a note and I will let you know if I can do it.

I am available for many services:

● Original Character Avatars/Portraits
● Portrait
● Book covers and book illustrations
● Pet portraits
● sculptures
● Magazine covers
● Concept art
● Other fun projects

Prints Of My Artwork:…

Current Residence: CA
Favourite photographer: Robert Vavra, D. Nightwind,
Favourite style of art: Fantasy, strong contrasts, detail, dark colors, powerful lighting
Operating System: Windows Vista
MP3 player of choice: Ipod Classic
Shell of choice: The unicorn horn shaped one...
Favourite cartoon character: Amalthea, Unico, Schmendrick the Magician, Molly Grue
Personal Quote: Unicorn Blessings

I trade Llama for Llama. I will give out llamas whenever i can, Llamas for all!
This is Llaragon, the Llama Dragon King of Tir'Rielle:
Llragon the Llama Dragon Male Breedable by StephanieSmall
We are renting a home in american canyon in California. 707-712-6490. two rooms available at $700/mo each and you can let others know to pass the word along. We can move in on the 6th

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