one hundred veiled women kneel at church

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dark the face of this mass,

solid, immoveable block,

there is a thin break like silver light,

as if waiting to rest or drown

in the languid thick of things,

melted gold, silver, brass,

the candle-smoke, the waking fire,

it burns in your eyes,

not that your eyes are pared down

to smoldering green and brown,


the church-bell is missing,

the world weeps,

a snake slithering on the ground,

the absent echo hurtles like ball-breaking

in my mind, in my heart,

there is nothing but the weather,

the rest just slips away,

to grief, time pendulums away

suddenly, the dark and hollow,

silence so deep you could die in it,

no one and nothing but the rain,

and the rain, too, oh, and there's just you

© 2020 - 2021 StephanieLeeMira
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