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.. On the current state of the Emoticon community. If you're an emoticonist then feel free to read this and have a think, or even if you're not and want to hear something that's probably just an overreaction, then just read from the start. If not, feel free to scroll down to the features at the bottom. :aww:

I recently saw a poll made by one of the more reknown members of the Emote community (no doubt you all know who she is), and as I was reading through some of the comments it really got to me that some of you guys have such little faith in the closeness and connection between members.

So, I figured I'd give my two cents on this, sorry in advance if I offend anyone, it's just my opinion and I'd like to write it for once. :)

If you're finding the community is drifting, then try and do your part to prevent it. Whether that's giving feedback on people's artwork, talking to each other in WeEmote (they don't have to be part of the 'in' crowd to be acknowledged, just so you know) or even just saying hi on their pages every once in a while. Just because someone isn't "OMG TTLY EPIC AT TEH PIXULZ!!111" doesn't mean they're any less a part of the Emote community than you. Just saying.

We have more than enough Emote groups to cover bases for keeping in contact with each other, and there's usually a decent crowd in our chat, so I don't see why people are complaining about the distance, when there are so many factors that can be used to prevent the lack of communication between each other.

If you feel that you're drifting from someone, go say hi. Don't wait for them to do it and then get upset because you're losing your friends. If you don't do something when YOU want to keep contact, then that's your own problem.

I just think that we do too much complaining, but never actually do anything. If you leave it to someone else to do, then nothing is going to get done.

Get out there, give some critique to people (I don't give a shit if they're new or old, it doesn't matter) and instead of moaning about the fact that the community 'Isn't wasn't what it used to be', do your part to put that phrase to shame and show that we've still got it.

Yes, the 'legends' that used to be around have drifted and turned inactive, big deal. That doesn't mean we can't make new ones in their place until they return. I can't personally go find them and tell them to get back on the internet, you can't go find them and tell them to get back on the internet, so we'll just have to make the best of who we have here at the moment, not dwell on who we don't.

I dare you all to be fully supportive of each other (whether they're experienced in Emotes or not) by giving critiques and talking to one another, and I bet you that you'll easily see a difference in this community in no time. So let's stop with the complaining and get started on the doing. Please.



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I guess you are right :iconumplz: :lol:

Let's hope that we are able to change it :#1:

But i have to say that i don't understand why newer Emoticonists don't watch the older Emoticonists or don't watch them back, Okay it is their choice but when i started to create Emotes the first thing i did was watching every Emoticonist that i could find :hmm:
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It's not in all cases, but still in a fair few unfortunately. :)

And yeah, that is true, but maybe they're just scared, I'm not really sure. :lol: I was exactly the same to be honest, I watched a load of Emoticonists when I was first starting up.
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It makes me sad that so many emoticonists feel this way. :( I was really surprised by the results of the poll. But since I have never been much for community and stuff it's not weird that I never noticed all these "changes" happening.
To me, it looks just the same as how it was 2 years ago.. just with different people.
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I didn't realise that so many of us felt the way we do until I saw it in `Synfull's poll, and this is actually something I wanted to write about for a little while now, I've just not had a reason to do so. :lol:

And maybe we're jut looking at in different lights, I'm focusing on the negatives and you're looking at the positives. :giggle: Either way it looks like something is happening, and I just hope it continues. :)
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you make it sound so... nice-ish :giggle:
I'm happy with how it is now. It was just the poll results that surprised me. But now I see Karen wants to start some kind of activity thing to help strengthen the community. I hope that goes well ^^
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Well I don't want to be all gloomy about it :giggle: there needs to be some positivity too!

And yeah, I think it's surprised a lot of people to be honest. :lol:
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Well you are known to bring joy to little kids everywhere, so I guess you have to be positive <_<
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:giggle: I ended up posting a journal on the same topic and then get around to reading my inbox and find you've done one too. It would certainly be nice if the community actually came together to help promote this and heal some of the now distant connections
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Hah, looks like yours spread the awareness more (going by what I saw in my inbox when I woke up), so it was probably for the best. :)

And yeah, it would be nice. But sadly some members lack the want to do so, sometimes.
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Yeah. lets hope we can change their minds and help kickstart the community again :)
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It seems to be going well so far :lol: I've seen at least two articles, and it's spread into another community by what I just saw in my message centre.

We just needed to give them a boost of inspiration I guess. So far so good. :)
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I agree with this totally... i havnt been with the emoticon family long (i used to do alot of digital coloring) and i kinda do feel pushed to the side on occasions although there are a handfull of the pro's who have been very nice to me, i know my shading isnt all that and i know my animation sucks but when i ask for critique to improve i dont seem to get any, anything is welcome, doesnt have to be super special, maybe a few pointers here and there from someone with more experiance. no one visits my page or says hi, its the random spam of thanks for faves and such, i try and get involved myself and i do feel slightly left out because im not the best or anywhere near the best.

although i have to say, if they read this, there are 5-6 of the most well known emoticonists who have been really nice to me, and 1 thats not so known, and i cant thank them enough.

really you said it all steph, people need to be a little nicer to the little guys out there who are starting out.
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I think the main problem with being new to the Emote community is just trying to dive right in without getting caught in the current and taken to the side. If you just be genuine and treat the more 'recognised' members the same as you would the 'regular' ones, then I think you'd find it easier to cope. :) Although I absolutely know how you feel, really.

If you give feedback on emotes then sometimes you'll find that they'll give feedback too through time (I know that if I watch a deviant and they submit an emote I think could be improved I try my best to give my views), but it doesn't happen all of the time because it'd difficult to stand out in the crowd. And don't see it as being the best for everyone else, try and see it as being the best for yourself. :giggle:

It's not all of the Emoticonists who are like this, thankfully, but there are still a few who are, and unfortunately I don't think they realise it sometimes.

I'm glad you agree with what I said, I was scared that I would strike some nerves when I first wrote this. :lol:
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i understand what you are saying here, but dont be worried, alot of people see the fact of things going down hill and i have to say what you and syn have done is changing things bit by bit, and as a community we need people who are not going to be afraid to tell people something needs to change if we dont want things to fall apart.

You have done something great here, be proud.

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From what I've seen so far it seems that lots of people are more than eager to get the change going, so lets just hope it keeps up. :giggle: Syn's journal seems to have gotten more of a spark, but hey, if it's doing something then that's all I ask. :)

I'm very proud, but more so of you guys than myself. :cuddle:
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This is why i love dA, because even though all the drama we can still pull together and do something worth while
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I couldn't agree more. :giggle: Although it seems that people are mainly drama focused, there are still times when we all come together to fix things. :) It's really a great thing to be part of. :lol:
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Yep, that is is, there will always be the drama but lets just hope the good out-weighs the bad.
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