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This little guy is for a current project I've got going at the moment, he plays part in a 5 - 30 minute game I've had to design. :) I won't go into details on the game itself, but hopefully I'll be submitting a few of his friends soon. :giggle:

I apologise for the white background, I've tried making it transparent and it looks strange, so it'll be like this until I've figured a way around it!

I used a few textures in this which are:

- Board Texture by ~bashcorpo

- Grungy Paper Texture by ~BrunaVosto

Thanks much for looking!
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Stephhh I miss your stuff! :D
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I'll try my best to submit more! :eager:
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Good! I like to hear that. :)
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really interesting!

This is pretty awesome. :la:

I'm not sure about the back there, as that freaks me out a bit. ^^;

Reminds me of an evil clown smile, but the front is amazing. really cute there. xD

Lovely design! :D
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Thank you! :giggle:

Yeah those are supposed to be his seeds, it's a bit tricky to tell. :paranoid:

Oh wow, I see what you mean. :lol: It does look kinda creepy.

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Ooh, I see. :O

That's pretty awesome! :la:
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awww it very cute I love it <3
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Thank youuu! :giggle: <3

How's uni going?
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It's going well, very busy as I've got so much work but I'm really enjoying it. What about you? :)
Steph1254's avatar
Pretty much the same really! :lol: It's a lot of work but I'm enjoying it. :) I'm glad to hear it's going well!
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Thanks :) I'm pleased you are enjoying yours :)
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No problem, I'm glad you are too!
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thats cute and weird at the same time
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This is cute! I'd love to get my hands on the game too. :la:
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Maybe someday you will! :giggle:
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Today class we will be dissecting an adorable pomegranate...

Is totally what my first thought was. :shifty: Your little vectored characters are always cute, and the textures really add something. :nod: Looking forward to his friends! Maybe not so much if they look like they've been dissected though.
Steph1254's avatar
When you put it that way... I feel all evil now! :crying:


Thank you so much! I adore work with textures so I really wanted to try it myself, it's so much fun.

Don't worry, they're safe... for now. =P
Twoohten's avatar
Feel evil? :stinkeye: No matter how you slice it only a truly evil person would torture innocent fruit. :crying:

Welcome! Me too, masterful use of textures are always fun to look at. :nod:
Steph1254's avatar
But it's for their own good! :crying: How else will the tummy ache stop?!

That they are! :drool:
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That is the cutest pomegranate I have ever seen. :iconlovelyemoteplz:
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Thank you so much! :giggle:
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