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Hello to all,
you have to forgive me for my alleged inactivity, if I could i would draw for my gallery every day, but here's explained one of the reasons why I've been busy.
Me and my friend / colleague FallenInTheDark decided to open a Patreon together.

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We decided to jump into this adventure months ago and since then we did nothing but talk about what to release.
For whole two months we worked very hard for this new project. 

In a month and a half I realized 60 sketches that little by little will be completed and released in time. 
But this is just the beginning of our work.

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Here you can see a sort of FAQ about patreon and our future work:

What's Patreon?
Patreon works in a very simple way. Take for example the campaign of a hypothetical artist who composes songs: if you decide to give your support, you can choose to give a minimum contribution (say $ 2) every time this musician publish a new song. 
You can also choose a monthly maximum limit, so keep an eye on your finances without giving up a certain amount of patronage towards creative you trust.

Patreon seems to be the missing link between content creators and the fans that wants to support them; a hybrid platform that combines features of Kickstarter (linked more to the idea of start-up and product) managed to free donations through PayPal.

-What Do we publish?
Mainly illustrations, sketches, step by step of our work, complete with colorful designs, original PSD files, video processing of our workflow, commissions, etc ...
On the page you will see the rewards that we will offer depending on how much you want to donate.
Initially we will publish illustrations with different characters known or our and original. But after getting goals and more goals we will enrich our content up to the comic which is the thing in which we are more specialized.

-What kind of themes you can expect from us?
We’ll make mainly Brony and Furry artwork, but nothing prevents us to draw other things like humans. 
In particular, erotic work / Not Safe For Work "NSFW", but we will also make some more innocent drawings.

-What will “StePanda” work on?
I mainly design everything and do the sketches, directing and script comics. But not drawing the private parts: I cannot because I'm shy.

-What Is the role of "FallenInTheDark”?
Fallen will take care of sketches, corrects them if needed, adds the erotic parts, review them, taking care of the lineart and coloring process.
He’s the one that will complete the artwork to it’s fullest.

-How Do we work together?
In case of illustration sketches i can make them both digitally or traditionally, in the former i will simply send a file with loads of sketches to choose from, while, in the latter i will simply send a photo of it to Fallen for the coloring process.
If we start working on comics all of the work is done on computer.

-Will you publish you work online at some point?
Yes. After a certain period of time we will publish our work in our respective galleries, but if they are more adult themed illustration we will publish them in galleries dedicated mainly to the mature design.
Anyways in our Patreon we’ll leave some exclusive illustration and comics, like the one made as rewards for our patrons and with that some contents like recording of our work.

-What is the juicier prize?
At the end of the year we will make a collection of all our pictures and we'll make a ArtBook that will be shipped home to those who give $100 per month. 
Besides the artbook itself the patron will also receive a signed dedication from both of us.

-What Are the goals of our Patreon?
The goals are "updates" on the materials that will be published on the page, these are related to the monthly salary of the page, as this as it increases the greater the variation will have our production.

-What Are our goals?
$ 200 patrons will be able to choose the characters for the images ( pony style and one character per image only).
$ 400 images can now be done using pony or anthropomorphic style.
$ 600 characters per image is upped to two.
$ 800 are images made changes as compared to the main one.
$ 1,000 characters per image will go up to 3.
$ 1,250 monochromatic short comics.
$ 1,500 short comics now in full color.
$ 2,000 we’ll start making longer comics.
$ 2,500 now longer comics can feature original characters of our patrons as background extras.

Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3

For this project, we decided to focus on adult contents so to satisfy more expectations and to work on more mature and complex projects and I can assure you that it is one of the most complicated kinds of thing to draw and adapt.

After all, the two of us have been working together for years on various projects: we have made and completed a mini comic "Notte Insonne" and we are currently working on other projects, including two mini comics "Notte Incantata" and "I'll Catch you Dancing”. 
We are also working on a video game in pixelart, ""Equestria World - The Videogameand a future mini series: "Feel the Love".

Although we decided to open a Patreon, we'll continue to work on these comics and series with the same enthusiasm as ever. 
This new project is one more incentive for us to do much more and offer more material for everyone.

SWEET-ness Heart Divider #4 by Gasara
Here is a video demonstration of our workflow:

Harmonious Honey Moon - sketch .:Mini moon n star:. Harmonious Honey Moon - complete

If you have any question about this, feel free to write in the comment section Wink/Razz 

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© 2016 - 2021 StePandy
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Alla fine è partito, complimenti! Speriamo che prenda piede bene! Buona fortuna!! :)
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Grazie mille!! Spero che ne siano tutti contenti del nostro lavoro e ne siano soddisfatti al 100% Kitty Emoji 13 
Judy - Icon 
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Is that picture in the speedpaint video of Discord x Celestia going to be posted on deviantART?
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Just saw it later :XD: Amazing. I commented on the finished version. You guys are incredible. The lighting is perfect on his part. The composition on your part is perfect as well.
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Thank you! Grazie mille Love 
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Welcome back on Devianatart StePandy. I am so looking forward on seeing you and your partner's work in to action. This must have taken you guys a lot of time to focus on each project that need to be done fast. StePandy, will you still be posting up your amazing artworks on your deviantart website? Is there any chance for you to finish up your comic book of "The Mark of Chaos"? Also, hello FallenInTheDark - I cannot wait to see more of your outstanding comic scripts of both Discord and Celeistia, but please try your best to complete them and don't ever give up. You and StePandy made it so far with your work, you guys make Devianatart a wonderful place.

P.S. I love your Patreon. What can I do to support you guys?
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Hello Agent,
Yes, our clean or covered drawings will be published in our  galleries here on dA. 
In particular, I will publish my sketches here:…
Instead all the remains will be published in my FurrAffinity gallery and my new mature Tumblr contact: stepandy.tumblr

And yeah many are asking about “Mark of Chaos”, but i can reply to you here:
"Mark of Chaos" is currently on hiatus  and in its place there is this other comic: "I'll Catch you Dancing" as you can read in description cover  it explain that MoC has only been postponed.

 When we finished this one, I will devote myself 100% to MoC.

Why didn’t i continue “Mark of Chaos”?
Because I wanted to rewrite history and to do that I needed a writer: at first I passed the project to my friend, but we couldn’t find a common ground on which to continue. 
Now the project is in the hands of another writer friend of mine and we have been working for months to the script.
So be patient because MoC is not abandoned, but currently only suspended.

Enjoy the reading of "I'll Catch you Dancing" i'm sure you will be pleased :)

Keep in mind that i'm very busy and in addition to the online comics i make for my readers, i also have several comics for various italian comic convention.

To support us, you just need to donate us a set amount of money,  (from $1 to $100)  by clicking on “become a patron” over our patreon page, and pay by using paypal (or any credit/debit card i suppose). 
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:) You are so cool Stepandy. Good luck on your comic, which I can't wait to see. I will also try to allow my creator, Doris to support you on your Patron account. :D
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