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Twilight Running

It's Absolutely forbidden to use this sprites.

And here's running Twilight! :la:
Doing this puppet was very difficult, and my friend Lilly and I put lots of time doing it, but the hardest thing to do, though it may seems unbelievable, was Twily's bangs (what a NIGHTMARE!).
Lilly and I divide our duties with these animations, it's a great teamwork!
We're still working for new animations!!

And you Mark of Chaos readers, the comic is on going! I'm doing both the comic and these animations ;)

Coworker: :iconlilly95forever:
TW trot:

To learn more click here:
Video-Game 16Bit - We are Looking for CollaboratorHello there everybody! w00t! 
La la la la I'm making a 2d platform and side scrolling 16bit style videogame with a group of friends of mine, it will feature characters from My Little Pony and other animals.
We already have the programmer and a musician.
Me and a friend of mine take care of drawings and animations of the main characters, while another friend of mine is making backgrounds for the game, but we need more designers\artists.
We are looking for designers\artists for the villains of the game. The Villains will be Troll Ponies Siamese Twins
Psychotic Here are some examples:

:bulletyellow: My ArtBlog
:bulletorange: My Tumblr

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" © Lauren Faust and Hasbro Studios
Character © Goes to Their Respective Owners, image © StePanda aka StePandy 2013

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Oh my god, these sprites are just TOO cute! Fantastic job *o*
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Absolutely forbidden to use it? Well, if I ever use this, which is unlikely, I'll be sure to take a moment to feel bad.
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Good job outing yourself as a douchebag, bruh.
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Adorabile ;)
Potresti fare anche le altre mane5? :D
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How much would you charge for one of these?
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this might be the DUMBEST question can i use this for my new profile
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Okay that, is kind of fucking rude.
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what did it say
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what the person said???????????????????
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lmao it's hidden by the commenter shut up
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what? Sweating a little...  did it said shut up?
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you cant be freed no matter how fast you run
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May I use an animation as my avatar? :iconbegplz:
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