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Princess Luna

By StePandy
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"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" © Lauren Faust and Hasbro Studios
Character © Goes to Their Respective Owners, image © StePanda aka StePandy 2014

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hi Lauren! I hope I didn't misspell your name
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I love the glow you have on Luna right here! Just beautiful!
JoeBrony's avatar
Excellent job! :thumbsup:
ShieldWolfSheena's avatar
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thehe... really loveley ...  the blushing  aww^^
Hypy666's avatar
My sweetheart princess ! Lovely, lovely, lovely !
NIGHTMARE254's avatar
Oh that's pretty awesome :)
XxReonxX315's avatar
Luna is the most beautiful princess ever! x3
FreckledBastard's avatar
Oh my gosh...she looks soo beautiful here *.*
SilkenWinds's avatar
D'aww Wuuuna :3  I really love the added fur around the adds to the unicorn feel and makes me think of the movie "The Last Unicorn".  I do think that unicorns or alicorns should be distinctly different than your average pony.  Gorgeous work!
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Simply awesome work. We love you all ♥ Luna ♥
Brohoof /)
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So beautiful...!!! :heart: :love: :heart:
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Call little children...
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she looks soooooooo cool in your style, excellent job n_n
GUILLE832's avatar
Should I feel seduced? Because I kinda do...
Kyoshyu's avatar
Classic unicorn looks good on her. :)
SummerisleDog's avatar
She looks amazing!
Phaedrolous's avatar
Oh geez!  She looks gorgeous!
CrozeTune's avatar
Very specifically. That curved horn and...umm...coat are unusual to draw.
Kinda artist's point of view, that I see sometimes. But mostly it's fine, I like it overall, heh. She's beautiful.

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You really did a awesome job on this.

She looks beautiful, regal and majestic.
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