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Mark of Chaos - Page 24

Mark of Chaos - Page 24
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Hi, everyone, and finally the new page number 24!!

It took me so long to publish it because I was publicly insulted by a group of people that doesn't seem to appreciate the comic. This is why I've been very upset...
I don't want to prolong the discourse any further and for all the new readers or old readers, if you have made a completely wrong idea about it, I ask you to read the following links here:…
Especially this link:…
I've said many times that the story will be different from the original FanFiction. The creator of this fanfiction never wanted to tell a story about rape! Seems irrelevant the fact that Celestia is in love with Discord. Guys, they're in love! It's also written in the fanfiction, if you can't understand it by reading my comic.
I have several cartoonist friends (like real cartoonists) and they have all complimented the sweetness of my sketch lines and the romantic atmosphere that I can represent.
Read the following points:
1) the story will be different from the FanFiction
2) the protagonists are deeply in love
3) I never wanted to tell a story about rape
Another important thing ...
I won't submit the comic on FurAffinity and I yet have to decide how to manage the erotic pages.
I'm decided to go on with this comic thanks to the many fans and also because this comic is mature themed, and it's different from the other things that I'm used to draw. This comic is helping me a lot to improve as an artist.
I hope you enjoy this new page :)

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It's very important:
I kindly ask you not to publish this comic in other sites! If you want to color boards or you want to publish it on your website you must ask permission to me.

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they just dont get it then, rock on man!

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"I was publicly insulted by a group of people that doesn't seem to appreciate the comic."

Well, bugger them.

Xenomorph566's avatar

Where is chapter 25?

Almeeramyiesha's avatar

Can you make the next page?


LaRayisLocasFA's avatar

Heart Love BROOOOOOOO, I was reading this with so much enthusiasm, art, dialogue, EVERYTHING is beautiful, AND IT HAS NO MORE CONTINUATION, SINCE 2014 ?! I'm going to cry jsjsjsjsjs I still recognized art! thanks twitter.

Years and years have passed and there is still a somewhat good amount of people here supporting this comics and you, just putting it out there along side your other fans so you know that still now and in the future to come we are still here and willing to wait for you <3

please continue with the mark of chaos comic , i need to know what happened next & the end of the comic , please someone help her , with the comic please !!.

Herobrine1087's avatar

And so the story ended, never to exist again

Hell no, some of us are still here and alive waiting mate!!!

maeseward1's avatar

Please continue. It’s such a great story! I really really really like it. Please post more. :)

CocoCandy2007's avatar

Are you continuing?:lonely:

1MistySplash's avatar

Will be no continuation?

BabszyStudios's avatar
Damn that’s steamy! ☺️
Dulcechica19's avatar
Where’s page 25!?
thunderwolf1930's avatar
Toshi-the-Panda-1996's avatar
This is probably the only straight ship in the whole show I support; I guess you could also say Shining Armor and Cadence but since they’re married and have a daughter, that’s not so much a ship as it is a confirmed cannon relationship. Celestia and Discord aren’t together in the show, so this is a ship
MintyUniverse's avatar
Oh man I'm sad this never got finished I'm dying to read the rest
DrManDaMan's avatar
How did I get here ?
ladyruthnineteen's avatar
I love your work, the detail is so good, expression and it's gorgeous who ever hates this is jealous and dumb! You keep drawing your heart out girl!! ♡♡
LoboGalaico92's avatar
Why do I have the feeling that Luna is gonna do a big cock block? :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 
MrRexyy846's avatar
and it never got finished, the end.
Thefirekittysart's avatar
will this get updated
Holy crap!  YOU REALLY NEED TO FINISH THIS!  It's a crime against nature to leave this comic incomplete!
WickedHex's avatar
will you be doing more? don't get me wrong, the new comic you're working on looks great but I was just wondering about this one... or is the rest of this comic on another website??
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