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Mark of Chaos - Page 2

By StePandy
Mark of Chaos - Cover
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Wiggly text - Hello
I finally managed to finish the 2nd page!!kaomoji set 1 9/19
To draw this table, it took me 10 full days of workkaomoji set 2 60/67
Even though it could seems like the first vignette is a vectorial image taken from the web, it's not, I draw the throne room from scratch by hand: it bothered me to use a vector made by another person.
Apologies for the countless watermarks, but some people keep publishing my work on their own web pages and this is the only way I can protect my artkaomoji set 1 11/19

On Patreon, this table is available at 1500px and 120dpi while for the free web it's at 1200px and 72dpi.

At the moment I am completing a page per month, but when I have more free time I would like to make more.

I usually publish the latest page on Patreon few days before I put the free version online, but since this time I made you all wait, I decided to publish the two versions together.

You can support me on Patreon and gain access to exclusive contents, previews and Mini Comics available only on my Patreon.
little star emojiMy Patreonpastel hearts emoji 
More information about my Patreon can be found:…

Wiggly text - Thanks

Mark of Chaos - Cover by StePandy  Mark of Chaos - Attention by StePandy  Mark of Chaos - Page 0 by StePandy  Mark of Chaos - Page 1 by StePandy

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"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" © Lauren Faust and Hasbro Studios
Character © Goes to Their Respective Owners, image © StePanda aka StePandy 2017

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You’re making a good point. They didn’t have time in the show and they had everything done already, but now I do wonder why Discord didn’t go to Canterlot. I know he was partying and stuff but it makes sense that would be his next target. This is why I love reading all the things that fans come up with. 😊

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Luna le faec XD

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It will admit, this is a beautiful piece, it has clean lines and over all the shading is very nice. The manes of the sisters are amazing, I love what you did with Luna's mane, it really defines her. You made me feel tense, wanting more, it grasp's the readers attention and you can really feel how Celestia is feeling. The minor touches just really make it all complete, but overall as a piece it's beautiful. Though the backround might be clashing with the characters a bit, it really doesn't fit at times but still an amazing piece. Good luck
MisteryMann's avatar
Lol, Luna's face xd
1Snoopierdass's avatar
Wow AMAZING job here!! :O you're very talented !!
LookOutHereComesTom's avatar
This is better than canon!
Tenshineko01's avatar
I love Celestia's mane.
Tenjen's avatar
the quality of the art and anatomy is SO GOOD
Somepony needs to put a bell on you.
kajsamountainbridge's avatar
TylerFreeFlight's avatar
Oh my gosh this is beautiful! Lovely work. Luna and Celestia look amazing. I love the rich colors and style of the characters.
The last panel made me chuckle! Luna running for cover!
karkovice1's avatar
Uh oooooooh... O_O
kittycyclops's avatar
FINALLY! Yus! Now I'll wait another month for a page, can't wait!
No, you tube of gak attack!! >8E
*gets the baseball bat*
tigreanpony's avatar
Oh wow this is quite good, A different take to that episode. Or at least a different viewpoint, you earned a watch.
TexasUberAlles's avatar
Wow-- even for a great like you, this is really amazing work.
dancinninjac's avatar
I love Luna in the last panel.
ShenkyeiRambo's avatar
Art like that must take a long time to do a page. Awesome job
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Wow so hype to see more 
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Wow!!! The coloring on this is AMAZING! Great job!
Fairy-Slayer's avatar
Where do I even start? You do so much gorgeous artwork yet this is so much more with this: story, transitions, emotions – and of course the fact that it's six awesome pictures in one. The establishing scene is a wonderful view and also shows Luna's intense concern terrifically despite the scale; then the glamour view of thoughtful Princess Celestia is stunning, plus the ethereal villain shocking her is pretty intense. I love Celestia's intensity as she starts to explain her plan, and the terrified, cold-sweat look  is quite powerful. Your lighting does a wonderful job intensifying the mood throughout.

Meanwhile Princess Luna is quite beautiful with the richer depth you've created and reacts perfectly, with concern showing over her whole body. Of course the adorable panicking chibi is pretty great too, and it breaks the tension while letting the situation sink in.

It's fantastic and I look forward to seeing more. Thank you and your terrific crew for sharing.

BTW, the watermarks blend in so well with the layout and colors that they didn't even register until after I re-read the description. Nicely done.
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