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Mark of Chaos - Page 1

Mark of Chaos - Cover
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Finally, here's Mark of Chaos - page 1! Hope you like it!pastel sparkle emoji
You can see it at high resolution on patreon, with new pages in layout form, exclusives mini comics and hi-res illustrations
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"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" © Lauren Faust and Hasbro Studios
Character © Goes to Their Respective Owners, image © StePanda aka StePandy 2017

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Hey! I just recently joined and I'll admit, the sole reason I did join was because of you. I wanted to keep up with this one and you. I am so excited to see what you make of this! And I just absolutely love the art style. I know its not a detailed or great review, but nonetheless, I love it! Its beautiful. I can't wait for you to update it, but remember to take your time. Don't rush or push yourself if you're having real life issues. But we'll be here for you when you return! Till then, remember to enjoy yourself while writing this too.
-c0c0, out.
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Lolwat, cosa ci fate qui il funghetto e il tubo verde qua? :'
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Je peux te poser une question ? Pourquoi es-tu passé d'équidé (les poney) à des Cervidés ? Je m'explique, les sabots de tes poneys sont fendus en leur milieu. C'est une marque d'espèce qui ne caractérise uniquement que les cervidés (Cerf, vache, biche, bouc, chèvres...) du coup est-ce que c'est un oublie de ta part et dans ce cas là que comptes-tu faire, et dans le cas contraire, je n'ai pas à contredire ton choix de dessins ^^ tu dessine merveilleusement bien !
Just give it some time, Twilight. It'll start to feel like home.
Artandcreation4you's avatar
It makes you wonder why Discord didn't do this! :D

I guess he never takes anything seriously!
YoshiRingo's avatar
Discord is so floofy uvu
SaryTheWolf's avatar
Hu, classical unicorn Twilight. Ha, Mario ref in background.
amber-wolf123's avatar
It seems page two isn't even out yet? I've been waiting like forever..
Michiko1125's avatar
I love everything about this new style, except the split hooves on Twilight.
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:drool: I seriously could just stare at your perfect version of Discord ALL DAY.....
andaverde's avatar
i hope we get to see the naughty bits soon >:3
Mittz-The-Trash-Lord's avatar
I remember seeing something similar to this long ago. Is this a remake?
mrhistorybuff's avatar
Great job love how you drew the emotions of Twilight and discord WOW
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Lo hai ricominciato alla fine! :D 
Fantastico! :happybounce:
dervonnebenaan's avatar
This new art style looks amazing. But to be honest, I prefer the old sepia style, especially for this type of comic.
Zalokin's avatar
I can almost imagine Discord breaking in Celestia's chamber chattering about how he beat her and proving that chaos is more powerful than the magic of friendship. Nice job buddy
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non riesco a vedere twili piangere :-(
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This looks interesting, love the artwork! cannot wait to see what is next!
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