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Mark of Chaos - Page 0

Mark of Chaos - Cover
- Inside Cover 
Page 0
- Page 1

This is the first introductive page of "Mark of Chaos". First two pages are similar to the old version, from the 2nd page things begin to change Heart divider 
To see the pages in advance, hi-res and layouts you can support me on PatreonHeart emoticon 

Pastel divider by Ponnui

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" © Lauren Faust and Hasbro Studios
Character © Goes to Their Respective Owners, image © StePanda aka StePandy 2017

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MoreStar's avatar
Awesome artwork
catdogduck12's avatar
It is beautiful <3
Maverickwolfzx's avatar
Alternate end I suppose

What's soaking wet and clueless? Your face!
SaryTheWolf's avatar
Wow, look at those expressions!
Tenjen's avatar
You brought across their altered personalities very well!
SilkenWinds's avatar
*sighs happily* My favorite Dislestia artist is remaking Mark of Chaos and it looks even better than before...and DAYUM I love you draw Discord.  :drool:
Kyoshyu's avatar
Ooh, classical unicorn. :)
HarleyTes's avatar
non mi ispira molto Rainbow Dash :c
Nightmare-Brony's avatar
Why do there hooves look like cow hooves?
HirundoArvensis's avatar
Those are classical unicorn hooves!
Look at the tail and horn, those are different as well.
Nightmare-Brony's avatar
Oh now I see, that's pretty coop.
DawnsyBebo's avatar
Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. And emotional too, excellent job conveying all the importance and feelings and everything in this picture! Love 
Lionroo's avatar
Arrrgh! Best-noodle-dragon-horse-goat-lion-eagle and lots others mixed in.... is lookin' so handsome and cocky and evil there! I love him.. er.. the drawing! ;_; Great job as always. I do simply love seeing your renditions of the Chaotic Super Pony-Annoyer!
Vindhov's avatar
This is going to be interesting, I can barely wait ^^
PhoenixFury17's avatar
this looks amazing.
Crescent-Minor's avatar
Whoa ... I just followed a cool picture from Bronies Love Ponies, but this is the cover of a comic? I'm following you!
HirundoArvensis's avatar
Yeah, it's a comic StePandy is working on! This is not the cover tho, more like a Page 0, check out the links in the description.
KieDough's avatar
This needs to be the official cover for that finally!!
E-man300's avatar
WOW this is breathtaking love it!:):)
Farming101's avatar
This is gonna be good!
Charlesdeleroy's avatar

Is this going to be ANOTHER super-evil Discord who should never have lost ever in the first place because now he's super-intelligent and sensible in all his schemes? 

It's very hard to take him seriously when he's flawless.  Then he goes from being an interesting character to a Villain Stu.
stoicalycharged's avatar
this is so awesome! XD
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