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This is a page that credits every person who worked on the plot and translation of this story and the websites where you can read the comic.

The authorsdragonia24HirundoArvensisFrancySunglassAzure129 

Websites Safe:

Websites NSFW:

I will try to submit a page at least monthly thanks to the support I will receive on Patreon. On Patreon you will find my exclusive works as well as a first preview of some pages.

Vintage Grunge Texture

Pastel divider by Ponnui

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" © Lauren Faust and Hasbro Studios
Character © Goes to Their Respective Owners, image © StePanda aka StePandy 2017

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Wow, censorship?

It occurs to me that I'm not sure if DA has standards enforced about what can be posted behind a "mature content" warning.

Will it be noted when a page has been censored, in order to prompt the curiosity of the unwise?
ToastyTop's avatar
wait, what do you mean "uncensored?" 
The1King's avatar
YAY! You're redoing it?
EffKay9's avatar
Perché c'è anche una edizione senza censura?
StePandy's avatar
Ehm... non capisco la tua domanda...
Il fumetto è NSFW, quindi c'è per forza. 
EffKay9's avatar
Ah quindi è un remake dell'episodio ma in tema clop?
StePandy's avatar
Praticamente fa vedere cosa non si è visto mentre Twy e le sue amiche cercavano di ritornare normali e spezzare il suo incantesimo.
Discord cosa ha fatto nel frattempo? 
mama saw you 
EffKay9's avatar
no aspetta, ma è il remake del già esistente "mark of chaos" o è la versione recolored? (ho già letto i post… )
StePandy's avatar
Si, lo sto rifacendo :) la storia è completamente rivisitata :)
EffKay9's avatar
Chissà che due maroni nel rifare tutto daccapo
StePandy's avatar
Pensa che io non vedo l'ora di disegnare le scene più importanti Sweating a little... E ci vorrà un bel pò... spero nel frattempo di migliorareHeart bullet blue 
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EffKay9's avatar
Ah okay, capito.
Cylindryk's avatar
Hey, how it's named on FimFiction? Because I can't find it. :(
folklore17's avatar
yeah I can't find it either. Where's the fanfic?
CrystalCadenza's avatar
Aaaaaa yasss ^^ I've read the original Mark of Chaos and saw the old comic version already and liked them both. Plus Azure129 is one of my fav Dislestia writers so this should be awesome :D
Azure129's avatar
Aww, thank you so much! :) I really hope you enjoy the comic ^w^ Stepandy is one of my favorite MLP artists, and I'm so glad to get to help with this project!
karkovice1's avatar
In other words, you cannot be held responsible for any mental damage or emotional trauma incurred while reading this, right? =P

Bring it on! :D
CMC--Scootaloo's avatar
How mature exactly? If you flag it as mature, you can still release it here on Deviantart. The rules don't forbid that kind of fanwork.
Emeraldarcbreon's avatar
I think by mature, they mean explicit content, which ISN'T allowed on DA.
sokesamurai's avatar
I couldn't help but read this in a calm announcer voice.
MidnightBlitzz's avatar
Oh my gosh your oc is so cute! >w<

Hehe tumblr is both censored and uncensored
Mario-Wolfe's avatar
No, it's two different Tumblr blogs. Stepanda is her safe one and Stepandy is her NSFW one.
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