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Free LineArt Puppy Wolf

By StePandy
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Free LineArt Puppy Wolf
You can use this lineart for free for do what you want. You can add markings, objects, tuft, ecc... BUT YOU HAVE TO GIVE ALWAYS MY CREDITS!
You CAN'T use it for sale with REAL money!!!

Free LineArt Adult Wolf--->> [link]
Free LineArt Adult Lion--->> [link]
Free LineArt Adult Lioness--->> [link]

My ArtBlog-->> [link]
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I hope you dont mind I'm selling these for game currency which is mushrooms in this game it's called wolf play ^^ thank you for ththe free line art by the way I love it!

Wolf pup adoptables auction!

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A Walk in Purple

Used here :) I updated your info a bit since I noticed it was no longer correct. Thank you for sharing this beautiful lineart! :heart:

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using to make my oc! will notbe sold for any sort of money just to create the character
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A user failed to credit you when they used this. They even claimed it was a coloring page they found.

rainbow cloud wolf by aphpup001
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Used! Thank you for making this!
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May I use it for an adopt but only gain coins from an app called amino? They are not real money.
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I'll use it as an adoptable, and be sure to give credit. Thank you so much.
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Thx for this! I'll use it for adoptables and I'll be sure to credit you!
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The url is in the bottom right corner chill out
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Wait nvm xD Ignore that comment
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xD Use it if you want. Its supposed to be colored but I have no idea how to color it in besides using GIMP
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Using, Thanks! Giving credit!
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may i use for point adopts?
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or is that considered real money... not to sure... kinda new here so yea
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Is it ok if I use this for a point adopt?
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Can I use it please?
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Can someone make this a transparent version and link me to it? My program isn't working right   : /
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what do you mean?
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like make it not have a background and just the puppy be filled in with white
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ok i get the background part but white? now im confused
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