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[DL] Enhanced Ponies 3rd pack (Ragdolls)

Model  3d model



New preview image made by :icond0ntst0pme:

CC: Virrop
Fili Second: Shir0qq
Zap Dash: Cumil11 
Radiance: Shir0qq
Saddle Rager: Shir0qq
Masked Matterhorn: Optimus97
Velous Mistress: Sindroom
Lily Valley: ZYNTRON
Daisy Wishes: ZYNTRON
Roseluck: me
Royal Guard (female): valkyrie
Lunar Guard (male): BeardedDoomGuy
Lunar Guard (female): me (with some stuff that came through the male version)
Photofinish: AeridicCore
Fleefoot (in the image, I wrote in wrong way the name): BB-K
Shadowbolt: Maximo
Rara: Sindroom
Firefly: GameAct3
Surprise: me
Lunar female armor set: BeardedDoomGuy (converted "almost" from the male version)
Lunar male armor set: BeardedDoomGuy
Rarity (wet version): BeardedDoomGuy
Rarity (stylish version): BeardedDoomGuy
Aunt Orange: Apimpnc
Mrs. Shy: FillerArtist
Police Mare (plus hoofcuffs): FillerArtist (new vest by Dracagon)
Windy Whistles: FillerArtist (new mane and tail by Dracagon, young skins by me)
Elusive: yoksaharat
Dusk Shine: yoksaharat
Bubble Berry: yoksaharat
Butter Scotch: MollyThePony
Applejack (male version): Benno950
Rainbow Blitz: Benno950 (jigglebones updated by me)
Pinkie Pie (rapper version): Longsword97
Umbra (Sombra female version): ???

3rd enhanced pony pack, based on :icontyraka628: and :iconpowdan: , so now another part of stock ponies is converted to the enhanced ones.
Credits are in the description.
Textures are upgraded, and minor bugs should be solved now.
Let me know if there are problems.

Hope you like the pack, and for who wants to have the damn eyebrows  [DL] My Little Pony Improved Eyebrows (Props) by Stenovhouse <- Here.
About flexes for Gmod users, they require this tool…
About animations, you need this (download it again in case of new updates).
Universal presets can be found here:…

Update 27/07/2018
*added mirrored manes (to some ponies);
*added main bones to the manes (except a few of them);
*replaced some flexes (referrred to the female ones) about the mouth (the ones about up and down) with two stereo ones (so they'll work with presets too);
*added bone for the horn;
*added bones to the accessories that lacked of them;
*other minor bugs fixed.
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I can view this rarity room, please, it will be really useful to me for photos in sfm