Illustration XXIX: MukilteoCasualtie

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A Midsummer Night's Dream 2 by AnnaOparina


        Through these illustration features, I've learned that I watch a lot of incredible Russian artists! One more of these is Anna Oparina of St. Petersburg, known to the DeviantArt community as MukilteoCasualtie. She is a traditional artist, whose own personal and classic storybook illustrations are bursting with detail. Within her colorful book series, she features uniquely mirrored pieces which are some of my favorites. They come in sets, with the mirrored image forming in the center of each, though I've only featured one piece or the other here. Check out her gallery for the rest of her amazing work!

A Midsummer Night's Dream by AnnaOparina
hair by AnnaOparina kitchen by AnnaOparina
night bird by AnnaOparina Autumn by AnnaOparina
Bottom by AnnaOparina
Red Book page 2 by AnnaOparina
the tale about a golden orange by AnnaOparina
the tale about a yellow vase by AnnaOparina Yellow Book page 2 by AnnaOparina
Green Book page 2 by AnnaOparina the tale about a little green forest dweller by AnnaOparina
the tale about a blue butterfly by AnnaOparina Blue Book page by AnnaOparina
Purple Book page 1 by AnnaOparina

        An addionally awesome thing about the art of MukilteoCasualtie is that you can get it on a shirt! See her Redbubble shop for more beautiful designs.

Lacemaker by AnnaOparina fishwhole by AnnaOparina
Titania bw by AnnaOparina

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