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Dark Disciples: enemies, NPCs and player.

By SteMega
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Characters I made 2007 as part of a potential game graphics overhaul.
All sprites used 2 frames: one for idle/moving and other for attacks.
Noteworthy sprites:
  • Australian left-wing populist politician Pauline Hanson.
  • Mokepons (that what those weird Pikachu mutations were called in the game :laugh:)
  • A tiny player sprite for a miniaturization quest.

Background info:

In the early 2000s, I started playing this intricate, fond-memories-evoking, puzzle-oriented RPG that really left an impression on me.
Remarkably, it was entirely made by a single Australian developer: Laurens Lafebre (DodgySoft).

For all those reasons I contacted the author about letting me remake the graphics and he agreed.

Unfortunately I wasn't experienced or focused enough to undertake a project of this magnitude and ended up completely abandoning it a few years later.
The game itself also became abandonware since then.
Yet this is a project that, to this day, I still think about finishing. :thinking:
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