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12 Days of SteLomas, Christmas Party Crossover!

For the final day of The 12 Days of SteLomas, I drew a Christmas party. Not just any old Christmas party, mind you. But a Christmas party in which a whole cast of characters that were created by other artists that I'm either really good friends with, or I truly admire were invited.

I saw a couple of other artists do this exact sort of thing, so I decided to take a crack at it. Some of the characters I included here may have been created by artists who don't actually watch me, but I just feel like I owe so much these people for providing such great and hilarious content. Almost all of them do follow me on Tumblr, so that's a positive!

Merry Christmas, everyone! This my Christmas gift to all of you! I hope who ever's characters that are included here really like it. :D

The Cast list:

Hallber, Helen, Salto, Ark, Dale, Guy, Igneous, Lady Bug © :iconstelo-productions95:

Bombzo and Cherri Bombshell © :iconclxcool:

Lemonhead and Lollipup © :iconlemonheadandlollipup:

Scooter and Shebot © :iconrhodeway:

Gfox and Brandon © :iconspongefox:

Mr. JB © :iconlotusbandicoot:

Cherry Woods © :icondjeffers:

Dennis © :iconirishbecky:

Clover © :iconslicky-grease:

Mimi © :iconearthvsthederek:

Stanley the Crow © :icongranitoons:

Mr. Newton © :icontopperhay:

Sydney Squirel © :iconjk-antwon:
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Lotusbandicoot's avatar
The J Man loses his sanity as usual! Hope you had a great holiday season. :lol:
SteLo-Productions95's avatar
Right at the sight of Ark the spider, who is a rather goofy looking spider. :XD:

Thanks. I certainly did, and same to you as well. :D
Rhodeway's avatar
Looks like a fun, festive sorta gathering to me! You've got a great variety of fellow cartoonists' characters here, along with a nicely-established holiday theme, of course. Heh heh, I bet Shebot and Helen have quite a lot to converse about together - and I love how Scooter's just along for the ride...

Excellent work overall, and thank ye kindly for the inclusion! I hope your Christmas was a swell one.
SteLo-Productions95's avatar
Thanks. I can definitely imagine Shebot and Helen talking about how much fun they have with their loved ones. :XD:

My Christmas was swell as well. :)
CLXcool's avatar
This is a good way to celebrate. Love how you drew Cherri and Bombzo here. 
SteLo-Productions95's avatar
Thanks. :D

A funny thing I wanted to point out is that the artist who created Cherry Woods (the girl standing to the left of Bombshell) thought that Bombshell was trying to flirt with her. :XD: I eventually informed him that their next to each other because their names just so happen to be Cherry. Yes, the spelling is slightly different, but I'm sure the pronunciation is the same.

Also, Bombzo ain't taken no shit from Salto. :XD:
JK-Antwon's avatar
I love it! It's so cool to see everyone together! :D
SteLo-Productions95's avatar
Thanks, and it certainly is. :)
IrishBecky's avatar
Hey, thanks for adding Dennis in there! This looks great!! Merry Christmas!!! Merry christmas everybody 

By the way, what is Dennis doing in the picture? Sorry, I couldn't really tell. ^^;
SteLo-Productions95's avatar
You're welcome, and Merry Christmas! :D

He got wrapped in a gift box. Sorry, I should've spent more time hard penciling that. I'm glad you like it, though. :)
IrishBecky's avatar
Thanks! :hug:

Ha ha! That's funny. XD It's okay.
djeffers's avatar
This lovely. The gangs all here, and I'm so happy that gang includes Cherry! Love 

Just out of curiosity, is Cherry being flirted with that the girl to the right of her? :o (Eek) 
SteLo-Productions95's avatar
You're welcome. :D

lol No. She already has a boyfriend named Bombzo. I just put her next to her because her name happens to be Cherri Bombshell. :XD:
djeffers's avatar
:) (Smile) 

Oh, ok. Maybe she's thinking "there can only be one Cherry in the spotlight, and that's me. " jk Cherry would never be like that. 
SteLo-Productions95's avatar
I don't what she'd be jealous about (other than breast size of course :XD:). While Woods is an aspiring actress, Bombshell is a freak show performer. lol

What other characters in this party stand out to you? I'm assuming you haven't seen a lot of them before.
djeffers's avatar
lol Ok.

I noticed Helen first, and then I saw Hallber, and then I started seeing everyone. lol 
SteLo-Productions95's avatar
lol Okay. What about characters that other people created.

Also, I wonder if Cherry feels at all awkward that she's one of the few human characters there. X3
djeffers's avatar
I don't watch any of those people, so no I didn't recognize any others.

Probably, but I'm sure she'd still have fun. Her universe doesn't contain talking animals. Giggle 
SteLo-Productions95's avatar
Okay then.

Do you think she would actually try to talk to a nonhuman character? :giggle:
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Slicky-Grease's avatar
This is really cute, Steven. Many thanks and a Merry Christmas to ya, bro:)
SteLo-Productions95's avatar
Thanks, you're welcome, and Merry Christmas! :D
EarthVStheDerek's avatar
A wild little party, but that's to be expected with so many outrageous characters around. Great to see Mimi's still at it, stalking poor Guy. Thanks for her inclusion in this fun scene.

Oh, and Merry Christmas.
SteLo-Productions95's avatar
I'm pretty sure more than half these characters have lost their marbles already. :XD:

I don't if Mimi knows what a mistletoe is, but I'd imagine her trying to use it as a golden opportunity. X3

Merry Christmas to you too. :D
EarthVStheDerek's avatar
If they had marbles to begin with.

Really, our modern world and its customs should confuse and horrify a pair of primitives. But, the mistletoe is a concept Mimi can really get behind.
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