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Sylvan Rush

Here's StellarWind Elsydeon, being a Golden Sun summon... XD


Honestly, I've had the lineart for this lying around for ages, but only recently I've had the time and energy to color it. It's my anthro form in early stages of his infamous Sylvan Rush attack - a dash-glide, claws glowing green with energy... and then... *slash*.

Then plants grow out of the slashmarks. Hey, if you absolutely MUST kill something, at least have nature benefit from the waste of life. xD
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Haha! I likes it!
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Dude!!! Look at those awesome wings!!! Great job coloring it, too!
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Look out for that BANG-OOOhh TREE!!!

I do not remember a Golden Sun summon doing that...! Though then again I only saw a tiny bit of that game.
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Well, there wasn't any particular summon that did that, but the style of the picture makes me think of it. ^^;
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Just to get into the habit of replying to the pics I fave...

This is probably my favorite picture of your anthro that you've drawn yourself. Cool background, awesome pose, great coloring and shading... As you said yourself, though, there's a reason why this is your showcased picture ;)
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I dunno what Golden Sun is...but I love this picture! O_O You're very good ad CG-ing shtuffs, yanno that, right?

...By the way, I'm Persian from Pokecharms. -_-
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Golden Sun is a series of RPGs for the GBA.

Oh, and great to see ya elsewhere, Persian. I must say that I absolutely love Ayumu. She's the funniest RP character I've seen in ages, and I've been through a LOT of RPs >>
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Oooo pretty! :D I like the zooming effect, it's very nice!
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that is so cool i love it:clap:
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Really nice. *fav*
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Awesome! This is one of the coolest things I've seen. I really like that blur effect to make it look like it was moving really fast. This is very well done, keep up the good work! :)
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thats so cool! *favs*
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It's nice how you pointed out the movement in this pic =)
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I like the pose.
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Pretty nice depiction of the attack. Both in illustration and description :3
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Looks pretty good, really nice pose and good colors and effects, background and ther after image are a nice touch.
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Sylvan.. i like that name. ^_^ I wonder why~ ;D Lovely picture Stell, the background works so well with the overall shot. *claps*
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Spiffy, and sounds painful.... :XD:

Golden Sun rules, though! Ivan all the way! :D
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