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My Anthro Form

Uh, yeah. He doesn't really have a name yet, so I couldn't find a name for the picture except for the blindingly obvious. X_x

Anyway, I've had this character evolving in my mind for aeons upon aeons, and I've been having mental 'flashes' of various bits of him (the face, the claws, etc) for months before eventually sketching (months ago! X_X) the picture that was only finished today. It's my desktop wallpaper now. ^_^

Some of the obvious details:

- His species is yet nameless.
- His anatomy is an odd blend of Dragon, Caracal, Fox and Basilisk Lizard.
- There are crystal formations on his body.
- Physically, he's a nice, balanced blend of speed and power.
- He's mostly covered with fur, except for his crests and what would have been his underside had he not been an anthropomorphic creature (e.g. his chest, stomach and the lower part of his tail), which are covered with scales.
- His wings are feathered (and yes, the feathers have markings on them. ^_^).
- His hands have a three-clawed formation.
- He's usually seen with a shoulder-pad held on his shoulder by a vine-like belt.

Some of the not-so-obvious details:

- Although what you see is his natural form, he's a shapeshifter, and can assume a different appearance at will.
- He has a strong connection to nature - both of the terrestrial (forests, waterfalls, crystals, etc.) type and the celestial type (the sky, stars, galaxies, etc.).
- He can be rather mysterious and ominous, but also rather silly when he wants to be.
- He tends to be somewhat of a wanderer.

I rather like his design. ^_^;
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LucidDragon's avatar
I really, really like your anthro, Stellah, but you know that. XD
eerin's avatar
Geee... complicated! 0_o
J/j I'm happy you showed this to us before I actually started a picture involving you. I don't know when it will be done, but be sure of it, it's still in my plans. LOL.
hunterbahamut's avatar
Wow, very nice design, very unique! Great colors as well, like the markings.
As for names, well...I probably couldn't help you much there.
Talec's avatar
Woo! Finishedness! Y'look awesome! :D

...I'd draw and color mine, but it's been shifting so much it's darn near impossible. xD ^^;
Soverine-TigerHawk's avatar
I doub it, an Cryakrofox...*cough* sorry it was a random outburst ^^; But it sounds cool. The pic is really spiffy! I like!! :nod:
xylophagous's avatar
Wow I like all the crystals, and the background is awesome! Cool idea for a char. very original, cant say Ive ever seen another char. like this ^^!
acidshadow's avatar
wow! wonderful anthro form!!!
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