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Ivy Dragon

Perhaps one of my best works yet...

This picture took me all day to do... Due to many different factors. One, the pose is a pose that is rather difficult for me. The shading and coloring took a while, as did the background. I didn't know what to use until the celtic motif/ivy border idea popped up in my mind, and that was a terrible pain to come up with too. But in the end of the day, I'm so in love with the result... I'd get that as a T-shirt if I could. ^_^;

The Ivy Dragon is (c) Me.
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That is really good!! I like it a lot! Good job!
Jiayi's avatar
Awesome dragon! :D
Tiamat-the-Raptor's avatar
Really nice, the colours are cool and the symbol in the background is nice =)
Calcifer-Rauth's avatar
Really... awesome!

The dragon's a bit off-centre, that's the only thing I don't quite like about it, but other than that, it's perfect!

How'd you do the background? It's great, reminds me of the background for X-Hiryuumon ^_^
StellarWind's avatar
I'm also very proud of the background for this. ^^ It took a bunch of layers and a few base images (but most were used as 'stencils' for my effects... Took ages to put together, but yeah. ^^

It looks kinda off-centered because it's centered with the page and not with the celtic motif on the background, and because of its pose. ^^
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wow! This is breathtakingly beautiful!
yzarc's avatar
not that hard ta get a t-shirt of it , i got a t-shirt of about 4 of my drawins ^o^
RubyAngel's avatar
I love dragons! And I love this pic!
DamienMuerte's avatar
Wow Oo Me likes! This looks really great ^.^
Kyva's avatar
This is a lovely piece. I really like the knotwork. It can be very difficult.
Fenrimon's avatar
That's a very neat-looking dragon. The background is awesome too. =)
Talec's avatar
That is beautiful. :O
Keleri's avatar
Greeeeeeeeeen...*drools* xD
hunterbahamut's avatar
Wow, great work! Very impressive work on the celtic knot *wishes he could do that*.
Great background and colors.
megamanf1's avatar
o_O; You didn't show me that! It didn't have the center background in it. ;_; You meanie.

It's so nice! I could get you a T-Shirt of it.
mithrildreams's avatar
good job :D the time you spent on this really shows i think. the only thing i can really point out is the left hand looks alittle off (position-wise) other than that, nice work! :D
eerin's avatar
I agree: this is probably your best work so far. The dragon is really well done, and original. The shading is really nice.
Also, ivy is one of my favourite plants :)
Did you draw the background too? I really like it. The only problem with having a detailed background, is that you see the background BEFORE seeing the dragon. Maybe you had to work a bit more on the contrast between dragon and celtic motif.
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