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Anthro Form - Refrence Sheet.

DeviantART is terribly irritating with the short names you have to give pictures. X_X

I figured I might as well try putting together a refrence sheet of my anthro form, because, being the overly detailed creature that he is, I figured that if anyone would ever try to actually draw it (chances of that happening, of course, are narrow, since all the detail tends to put people off) - They might as well have some proper refrence. (nods)

This, I hope will also clear out some of the more nagging questions about him, like - what's markings and what's crystals, how exactly DO those marking patterns on his arms/thighs work, what the hell is that vine thing he's wearing, how the three-clawed arm formation works, where the hell do those crests fit in anyway, and... well, meow. xD

Obvious Details:

- His species is yet nameless, and unfortunately I can't think of a name to save my own life. ^_^;
- His anatomy is an odd blend of Dragon, Caracal, Fox and Basilisk Lizard, among other things.
- There are crystal formations on his body - namely, on the hands, arms and thighs. All the rest of the oddly colored blue areas are just markings. ^_^;
- Physically, he's a nice, balanced blend of speed and power.
- He's mostly covered with fur, except for his crests and what would have been his underside had he not been an anthropomorphic creature (e.g. his chest, stomach and the lower part of his tail), which are covered with plate-like scales (those aren't armored, though).
- His wings are feathered (and yes, the feathers have markings on them. ^_^).
- His hands have a three-clawed formation.
- He's usually seen with a shoulder-pad held on his shoulder by a vine-like belt.
- NOTE! Even though these wing-claws look kinda like spikes portruding out of his wings - they aren't. They're proper claws, complete with sorta-fingers. I Intend to toss in a quick claw reference at some point...

Some of the not-so-obvious details:

- Although what you see is his natural form, he's a shapeshifter, and can assume a different appearance at will.
- He has a strong connection to nature - both of the terrestrial (forests, waterfalls, crystals, etc.) type and the celestial type (the sky, stars, galaxies, etc.).
- He can be rather mysterious and ominous, but also rather silly when he wants to be.
- He tends to be somewhat of a wanderer, never staying in one place for too long.
- The fox-like tails on the tip of his tail are also somewhat prehensile. Think Kyuubimon's spirit attack thing. ^^;
- He usually relies on his own claws for combat, but should the need arise for a ranged attack, he'd call upon his Elysium Glaive (temporary name, I guess) - A crystal-edged throwing weapon, portrayed in this picture.

Uh, yeah. I hope this makes things at least somewhat clearer. ^_^
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the more detail, the better quality of the pic
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that looks pretty awesome just like his description :)
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This is awesome! Thanks for making this reference, it makes drawing this body type alot easier!
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Wow! this looks legendary!
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Heh, I like your anthro alot, its definitly one of the most unique Ive ever seen... and yea, it looks like it would be hard to draw, maybe I'll try tomorrow!
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Heh- and I thoughy my character looked unusual! :P

Great character design!
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Wow! Love the character design as well as the color scheme!!
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Wow! Love the character design as well as the color scheme!!
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that is a challenging cahracter to draw, but i think i'll enter ur contest.....oh yeah, awsome character design :D
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Wow! I have never seen such as anthro creature blend like this before. Yours is very original, but not only that it's very majestic with those blend of colors, look at those wings, they somehow matched with the tail it fits well. Not to mention the light armor he wears: Shoulderplate with vine belts, that's pretty original and you don't saw this everyday. =)

In a nutshell your character is quite unique. and for my sight he looks very cool enough to be on my faves! :+fav: I'll guarantee your efforts were not in vain! ;)
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Dude, was just browsing DA and ran across this character design... and if you dont mind my saying so, it is a VERY creative design.
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I don't see why should I mind. ^^ Thank you very much. ^_^
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kul anthro fur-sona .... orriginal, i like it!!
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Sweet character design--it's really unique, and very pretty.
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you have an awsome char there, nice sheet too.
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:heart: :3 So cool~~ I love its design!!
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Wow, I haven't commented in a loooong time... o.O

Anyway, AWESOME anthro!!! I may try drawing your anthro form sometime (if I may), although it wouldn't hold a candle to your superior digital art skills... ^^;

So much detail... O.O I love it. ^^
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Awesome. The one on the left kind of looks younger. XD Your character is hard to draw. :p
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Tell me about it! X_X This refrence sheet took me freakin' forever. xD
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I'll try to draw your character again sometime. :p DAREST YOU BE ONLINE DEVART AND NOT ON AIM? For fooey!
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this is really nice, and the shading and lighting is great. i like the exotic look this character has. very interesting design, i might try drawing Stellarwind ;)
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