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This is my december feature (journal made in Eclipse), but before I would like to spotlight @Ellysiumn,:heart: because :

Gene's art wears the indelible artist signature that touches me at the highest point, that even dare to mark my life forever... Gene is the king of the wallpaper, his masterful skills speaks for him, because ja, Gene is humble, whereas his art is jaw-dropping powerful !!!! His impactful teasing effects, mighty concepts, melting with an extraordinary imaginary visual language that belongs to only Him, an universal one that gives me chills, wraps me everyday with astonishing vibes, of which only him has the receipe, such @Ellysiumn touch is unique and elegant...He explodes our screens with fireworks of chromatic bombs, that illuminate our days with magical warmth !!

Festival of lights

Gene's artist scrumptious nectar, a stylish painting print, soaked with mystery & sacred aura, resemble golden oil with shimmering glossy reflections, in which pours the Charism essence, in which he always mary surprising dualities and symbols that break the codes. Indeed, he is able to unite dark with poetry, and his Crow Spirit represents it well :

Crow Spirit

Gene thinks out of the box, and he impresses me because, even though he has a gifted soul, he is born artist, he always pushes his limits more, because Gene adore learning, exploring new skills, and last but not least detail, his artistic vivid mind never sleeps...

Who is able to create daily masterpieces with such a wide range of artistic answers?

His sapphire velvet starry cosmic pearls, shaped by his Photoshop magic stick, or his pearly effects dreamscapes that stops the time, his delicate painting brushes caresses, metamorphosises our screens into cinematic scenes, thanks to his prodigious concept art, and his digital paintings that are brilliant magestic pieces of art !!! Gene you are a Genius :heart:

Golden moon
Omega city
The sacred tree ~ Daily Deviation
Twilight Time
Dragons above the city
River of light
Flaming kingdom
Star ocean
Elysium ~ Tales of Devotion
The cosmic temple
Let me dream
Stellar meadow
Night lights
The big storm
Dreaming together
Flaming kingdom
Four moons
Strange visitors
Dream beach
A UFO in the meadow ~ Daily Deviation
Distand Land
River of light
Eagle Totem
In the light
Once upon a time
Allies of the night
Fallen moon
The fog
The maleficent deer
Pearly Paradise
Surreal City

:heart:Congrats Gene for your recent features on Youtube, your concept art accompanying powerful pieces of music, it is just amazing !!! :heart:

December feature :happybounce:

Death and the maiden
Winter river
Hoarfrost Dragon
Speedpainting 19122019
Inktober 2019
A Space Odditree
La Machine Volante
Fun Land
Hey there
Ivory steppes
Speedpainting 08122019
The mystery of the Aurora Borealis
Different World
Day 11 of May Sketch a Day
Oh dear! Oh dear! what time is it?
Speedpainting 01122019
GoL Genesis pt.4: two worlds
Halloween Night
Commission - ofcarnivora
Bleeding Light
Landmark in the Jungle
Wingless Demon
A Child's Imagination
Carousel Of Winter
Soul Angel
Alter ego
Let's fly
Bright future
The Drought
Elephant on city!
Inseparable friends III (Commission)
Samurai Shop
Jungle warfare
Fantastic night light - Terragen and Photoshop
Hive of Wonder
Heron 1 Wallpaper
Echoes In the Dark
jivan mukta, blacklight (1920x1080)
Zbrush Doodle: Day 1721 - Blue Space
Lost in a Memory
8 | 4k Wallpaper
Texture 833
Texture 578
Place to be
Skybox for Commission
Halloween Ride
-Twilight on the island-
The Dark Dimension
Warm Vibes II
Paint by Numbers
Dragon Lava Cave
Footprints in the snow
Nice Flow
Charming Fire Anger
Explorers of the Lake Wallpaper 5120x2880px
Odiese wallpaper
Pro Display XDR Alt
Subtle System
Flower Power
Flowers of the mountains
thousand pieces
Wing it
Psychedelic Bubbles
Warm vibes
Adorable - Warm Contest
Key of the unknown (1920x1080 Wallpaper)
Witchy Pastel Crystals and Leaves Wallpaper
Into The Lair of Insane Inventor
Gathering Chains
Lilac Web - Wallpaper
Reach For The Future Original
Golden And Warm

And a kind thank to my lovely supporters :hug:

Berita Fakta
Christmas Adopts [3/3 OPEN]
Amy And Her Snaggletoothed Weirdo
Cute little raccoon
Jessica Rabbit (OLD ART)
One eyed werewolf Hollipolliyozza
StorySwap a Royale Tale character reference
Undertinge Sans
Kun- Big Fish and Begonia
Smol Seraphia
Grunge random black goth
Celestial Graffiti
...'M Allister. H-here...I go... (GIF)
My Little Doodle 21
Dice Beach
A cozy cat
Regular fatterpillar and chatterpillar with leaf
The Depths Of The Soul And Universe
My bunny traveled!

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Thank you so much for the feature! A beautiful collection in this post! :heart:

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You are welcome !! ^^

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Beautiful works! :clap: 
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Thank you for the feature :)
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My pleasure !!! I adore your paintings !!!!
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Thanks for the feature :3
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Thank you so much for the feature!!  :happybounce:

So sorry for the late reply. :(
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No worry at all !!! My pleasure :hug:
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HAPPY NEW YEAR!! :happybounce:
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A huge thank you for the feature!Thank-you-dear

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You are welcome !!
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Ellysiumn is awesome! Thanks for also including my stuff :)
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Yes gene is amazing !! ^^ And my pleasure Sascha :hug:
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Wow cool Thank you ♥
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Super bilan 2019 :D Merci pour tout Estelle :hug: :rose:

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Avec plaisir Pierre ^^:hug:

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Thank you very much dear Stella for this beautiful feature:hug::heart:
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