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Choronzon - Mitos y Leyendas TCG by SolDevia
WestPath by BettyElgyn
MTG: Angel of Dawn by Dopaprime
The Lost Kingdom by Ellysiumn
digital painting or drawing
Ruan-jia-2018-04-27-4-47-59 by RuanJia
Suprise! by FleetingEmber
Drowning in Ideas by Mozakade
Keep it together by RoanNna
I'm on the Highway to Hell... Don't stop me!! by Ellysiumn
Blue Origami by annewipf
Deep Forest Creature by Madink2000
Revival by BurakUlker
photomanip dark
The Hour before Dawn by SummerDreams-Art
The Final Ritual by DarkCrea
Chess Game - The Tower by annewipf
Pink Lady by Kryseis-Art
traditional art
Not Your Alice by EnysGuerrero
Magicians of Dreams IV by FrodoK
Portrait of Maria by neo-innov
Misha - Snow leopard Scratchboard by shonechacko
photography people
The Sun by MuseInBlack
drowning by sollenafotografie
Red Sun by MuseInBlack
The Suffering by laura-makabresku
macro photography
I Wish I Could Fly... by AimishBoy
The Last of Winter by MaaykeKlaver
Die Glockenblume by LewiARTs
Tiny world by LewiARTs
Steampunk Spider - Step by Step by adrianoampb
Stranger Things - The Road is Closed (Steps) by adrianoampb
Tutorial Love of a Life 5 by stellartcorsica
Tutorial Love of a Life 6 by stellartcorsica
Digital Texture Artwork 311 by mercurycode
Texture 723 by Sirius-sdz
Charred Wood Texture by somadjinn
Underwater Premade Stock by Wesley-Souza
mixed media
Dragon flight by Ellysiumn
Phenomenon by Ellysiumn
Mystic Twilight by Ellysiumn
Windows to the Soul by Feuerwicht
Cd Electro by n2n44
Oh Dear! by Qbaska
Speed Mixing Design by n2n44
Eclipse by ErikShoemaker
photography landscapes animals
Kimba the Maine Coon by ToygerCat
Definitely Fishy Restyle by Eydea
digital art strange and beautiful
Retry by vurdeM
Design - interface
Red Code Party by n2n44
magazine cover
The show is over - part of Advanced Creation cover by stellartcorsica
Brightness and shadows by luisbc
Equilibrium ~ mosaic by Ellysiumn
Magic surrounds us by Ellysiumn







Group Info

SA | Ghosts by tarried-sea

A warm welcome dear members,

Through this group I would like to share amazing creations to bring you the best creative area possible.
Art is so important in life to express ourseleves and it is also a better way to understand and discover each other.

Two by Dark-Sheyn

Dreamy tree by Ellysiumn

Rules :
No pornographic - no racism - no vulgarity - no bloody works
Best quality is required.
Credit all your sources when it is a photomanip.

Don't forget to comment, fave and support each other :hug: :heart: :love:
If you have any question send me a message :)

Commission: Day of the Dead by dimary

The Kiss by Valentina-Remenar

Sunset by ChristinaMandy

Yuki Onna - Onmyoji by IndahAlditha
++++  April Feature  ++++
Your works are all STUNNING !!!
   I am HAPPY to see this wonderful gallery :heart:
It is a pleasure for the EYES !! Thank you all !
   And a warm welcome to the POETS :heart:
May the SUN shine into your hearts :D

The Kiss by Valentina-Remenar
SA | Ghosts by tarried-sea
Wendigo by mattforsyth
egocentrism (2018) by len-yan
Nereides by zacky7avenged
Servant of Mephistopheles by Vetyr
Desta - comission by LeeKent
Two by Dark-Sheyn
Surprise! by Mocamauve
''Fade'' - commision drawing by Lolzdui
Sun Holder by JadeMere  
Protect me by stellartcorsica
Roc by LukeFitzsimons
My Eyes Have Seen You by JeuJeuBee
Big Roar by TamberElla
Lost in time by Ellysiumn
Elevate Year 4 Map by jermilex
Oil painting experiment by IsidorSwande
The Reward by Tohad
SkyShip Dusk by SeerLight
Faded by weroni
Neon by AaronGriffinArt
Marina Nery Study by AaronGriffinArt
To Protect by PeteMohrbacher
Secret place by qi-art
Carmine Rock by ReFiend
Princess serenity by Christian-Angel
Ihuarraquax - Gwent Card by akreon
Dream Dragon by arthurtribuzi
The ninth fine class by GjschoolArt
Air and fire by Martith  
Stardust by weremoon
Wind - Aush Village by parkurtommo
Breath of the Wild by AquaSixio  
Fantasy by Ellysiumn
Black and White by avvart
Wash Away by TamberElla
The Rose by Valentina-Remenar
Harmony by ibesevic
NTO 001.07 by SalmonickAtelier
Palette 01 by exellero
Commission: Azura by gothic-icecream
Mercy by raikoart
DARLING in the FRANXX: 002 by oshRED
Edict Carver Kesen_reg by Tsvetka
Steel feathers by DalfaArt
Selene by serafleur
Seafruit-Harvesting priestess_reg by Tsvetka
The One for You by Volinfer
demoniac by Darenrin
Fennec by kenket
Levitation by MattDixon
Headland by MattDixon
Map by vurdeM
Remnants From The Past by Softyrider62
Unexpected Guest by Rowye
G-knight by panjoool
Tornadian Destroyer by zacky7avenged
Persepolis by Carlos-Quevedo
Legacy Of Man by Softyrider62
Soldier by MuseInBlack
Always together by Ellysiumn
There, behind the fog by vimark
Shenlong by panjoool
Witch House by annewipf
Arks by Softyrider62
In the pursuit of green world by Madink2000
Elysion by AlexandraVBach
Nova Era II - Nascimento by Wesley-Souza
Stranger Things - The Road is Closed by adrianoampb
The Pyramid #Daily 1 by Ellysiumn
Come to Me by adrianoampb
The Eagle Archery by panjoool
The Countess of Monte Cristo by SummerDreams-Art
Equilibrium by Ellysiumn
Trail to the island by Pajunen
I see you by Creamydigital
Great Blue Heron 3 by kootenayphotos
Black Leopard Stock 3 by HOTNStock
Roar by Eibography
Watercolor drawings by borda
Blue Pigeon by NaturalLightPhotos
packfall by corniger-aries
Kitty on ice by Lain-AwakeAtNight
Faye by Wolfskuss
Balu by LewiARTs
The Last of Winter by MaaykeKlaver
Die Glockenblume by LewiARTs
Mercy by SpokeninRed
v by MartaSyrko
nest by Avine
Flower of a desert by Avine
Like a heartbeat drives you mad by Queen-Kitty
Caracal 2 by HendrikHermans
Shadow Ranger by Klang17
Medusa by RockaTomas
Calmness, Agnieszka Wencka, 100 x 80 by Wencka
Train doodle by AaronGriffinArt
Hard candy by umantsiva
Ascension by Michael-C-Hayes
Alegretto by Michael-C-Hayes
Artemisa Coloring WIP by EnysGuerrero
White bird by LiigaKlavina

+++++ And the last but not least !! ++++++ Please read :heart:
paint me in your colourswe're both splattered messes
an ugly mixture of too many colours
but maybe we're really blank canvases
waiting to be covered
in the colours of each other
and stories of our time together
let me paint you blues and blacks
of a midnight sky
and you can paint me in greens
that speak of pine and moss

and if a hand slips
we can always paint over it
and start again
    A mirage of hopeStanding in between
my heart and my brain
I have to let go
of one of the chains.
Which do i trust..
Where would it lead?
I cut my thoughts
And watch'em bleed
Then finally
I decide
I'm letting go
of my mind
Although im aware
I might fall apart
I do not care
i'll listen to my heart
i made the choice
and its probably wrong
but in your hands
is where I belong
And if its just an illusion
And if its only a dream
And if im only building
hopes on fading steam
I don't wanna wake up
I don't wanna know
Until it all falls down
I'm not letting go
I did not want to
But I had to choose
And the risk was you... ,
The only thing left to lose.
    Star Dust Remember you're 
The wonder that 
you are.
Created from the
dust of stars.
How far you've 
To be just who 
you are.
Imagine, just how
far you have to go.
Do your best, you'll
pass the test.
Live life just as you
Always remember,
you are a star.

Passion in the InkPassion burns through
the marrow of my
Lost in the labyrinth
of my mind.
It runs breathless 
and rampant.
Careening of walls
the heart of fire.
It melts and transforms,
to ash, that floats down.
Tears of frustration let 
it run, once again.
In tiny black drops, it 
flows from my pen. 
  Sharp WordsYour words where just
like paper cuts
Sharp and full of
burning pain.
As red, red lines
crisscrossed my
Sunk deep within, to
eviscerate my brain.
With your malice
mace, you bludgeoned
Until I could not
Now finish it, it's
what you planned.
I'm not afraid, I know
I'm damned.
Let the chips fall where
they may.
  You saw everything..There isn't a single thing
I tried to hide from you
Inside my eyes,
behind my ribs,
Between my lungs
Or beneath my skin
Deep in my heart
Or in my brain
Through my stomach
Or within my veins
Drunken melodies
Or burried pains
Warming sunshine
Or pouring rain
Broken feathers
or metal chains.
Crazy was it
Or truly insane
Shameful was it
Or inhumane
I've showed you
every single thing
And yet I..
I couldn't even
Read your eyes
Couldn't see shit
behind your lies
Learned to adore
Fake butterflies
Was taught to ignore
My jealous whys
For every doubt
I apologised.
I trusted your love,
Believed your guise.
Was not prepared
For this surprise.
Never thought you
Would utilize
My pure feelings,
My honest ties.
But I'll just wait,
The sun will rise
And pain will reach
it's own demise,
As I rethink
And realize
You saw everything...
With your own eyes.
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