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i know i know..
my laziness is glaringly obvious at some parts of the painting ..but.. dammit, I can't work on this anymore. LOL

i am proud of my improvement :)
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This is really good! Well done! :)
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The hair is absolutely gorgeous!
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thank you! i'm glad you liked it :D Hair is usually the worst part for me.. i spend hours agonizing over the way it looks more than anything
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I know what you mean. The hair is usually a pain in the ass. But you did an amazing job! :D
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The face and the eyes are very intriguing. It's what really draws me into the picture. In general, very nice :D The only tip I can give it to clean the lines a bit, but otherwise, a very realistic and pretty :nod:
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thankkkks for the comment and fav! and i know what you mean.. cleaning up the lines. an attribute of my laziness...hahah
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I understand. Laziness is always chewing on my back :D ... I just got that mental image. Pretty funny :giggle:
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lolllllll you should totally draw it.
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I will! Once laziness decides to bite my brother instead of me.
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yea well i got to it first xP.....and about that comment regarding you being hotter...

a) you look like a defrosted caveman.
b) you need to shave that jungle of yours..
c) the taodstool on your head needs to go...
d) maybe Gallen and your facebook stalker would fall for you but not the rest of the world....
e) i could go on for ever but i think i have somewhat shattered your ego for one night.....

SEE... thats how little you know me... My ego is SOO MASSIVE... its UNSHATTERABLE...

No man, I'm serious. I've had studies done....I'm in textbooks as the sexciest biggest ego man in the world... just look it up on [link]

and... you know what,I'd continue, but... I have better things to do... like find my twin brother in Egypt....

It's been years... :-|
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omg... simply zippy u BIOTCH! i wanted to be the first one to comment...

ANYWAYS...So this crazy bizzatch tells me to comment because she wants appreciation...can you say...ATTENTION WHORSE!!? hahahah...

Okay, back to what I'm supposed to be writing about... he looks so awesome. If only purple eyes and suede coats like that existed in real life :(

In a utopia...

BTW...I'm hotter, draw me next!
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i love how you did the background....must have taken so much time ><! and yes i think you could have still worked on it more, but i know that you were tired of it...all that stressing had paid off !

wtfhudgenut i was suppose to be first >.>
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I really like the way you drew his hair :D and the eyebrows as well! *absolutely loathes painting eyebrows and other facial hair*

you toning on the face is also very nice, you have a soft style :aww:
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this is nothing compared to your gallery! thank you for the comment.. the damn hair.. i drew it 3 times before i was remotely happy, LOL!
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