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If you like this, I would appreciate your fav ^^
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She looks so gorgeous ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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momo is cute!!!why is everyone afraid of her!?
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this got me thinking like what if momo lived a normal life but ever since she got that modeling gig/job her photos turned into the creepypasta seen today and ever since she could no longer go anywhere because of a sick joke someone played on her and everywhere she went parents gave her evil looks and pushed away their children from getting too close to her because of the challenge named after her  and she had to live in secrecy for the rest of her life or until the creepypasta died down and everyone had forgotten about it 
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That'an interesting idea :0
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I would read that.
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Pretty good art!
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You're welcome
I hate how everybody took it too seriously and thought Momo was a deformed person
She look great who is she?
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A recent creepypasta related to whatsapp. Thanks ^^
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*manages to get her phone as she cries, sees message, burst into the guy's house

from full metal jacket)

"WHO THE FUCK SAID THAT?!" *holding shotgun*
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*sees momo crying*
*hugs her* ;;
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Welp....Momo is adorable and needs to be protected now. Went from a dumb creepypasta to a cute birdo. 
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She’s so pretty!
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wow she looks really Beautiful now i just got a good song for this… enjoy
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take something creepy then put in into horror art (OLD MAN SINGS PRETTY WOMAN SCARY VIDEO)
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