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Wartime - Ch. 9
"Something's wrong with that guy, yo."
Mekeke hadn't been paying much attention to the goings-on around him, his focus locked on the strings laced around his fingers tangled into various shapes, the current one resembling a striped cat's face. It took a light shake of his shoulder to pry his eyes away from his work. He frowned, not liking to be disturbed when he was in a thoughtful state, but upon seeing Putata's worried expression, all annoyance went flying out the window.
"What's up, Putata?"
"It's that Yukiki guy," the artist said, lowering his voice. "I think something's… I dunno. Wrong with him!"
"Whad'you mean?" Mekeke glanced around, half-expecting the frosty addition to their team to spontaneously materialize in the room and overhear their conversation.
"I passed by him in the hall on the way here, and only just brushed him… and he looked at me like he wanted to gut me, yo!" Putata lightly shook his head. "I know he was all crabby when we found him on the mountain, bu
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Wartime - Ch. 8
"And I thought Dokuku was a little creepy… he's nothing compared to this guy."
If "uncomfortable" had been the word to describe their base before, it had quickly changed to "creepy." The addition of the ghostly blue figure to the building created a very heavy atmosphere, like a choking layer of fog. The air in the halls had become cooler, almost as if the apparition were sucking the very life out of those inhabiting it. Dokuku and Giruru didn't seem bothered by these changes in the least, but everyone was willing to lend that to them being outside the range of normal.
Not that this was any concern of the ghost's, either. He preferred isolation within the base, simply waiting for the time when Shurara called for him with news that his body was complete. Just what they were crafting it out of was a mystery, and not one he was particularly interested in. Anything would have sufficed, as long as it was solid and could fully interact with the world around him.
"He just… floats the
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Wartime - Ch. 7
Uncomfortable was a good way to describe the air inside their temporary base. Uncomfortable with a side of awkward, and a light sprinkling of tension. Virtually no noise could be heard outside of the room. No fighting, no discussion of plans, nothing. Mekeke shifted in his seat, picking up a screwdriver from the table. As strange as the utter silence was, at least it gave him time to fix the joints on his marionette. The recent downpour they'd been surprised with had made the old iron rusty and in desperate need of replacement. Most of the sanding and gluing had been done already, with new screws being all that was left to put in place. Putata sat across from him, eyes down at a pad of paper resting against his crossed legs. A pen scribbled furiously across the page.
"Needs more crosshatching," Putata said under his breath, looking determined. Without lifting his head, he directed his speech to Mekeke. "Almost done?"
"Almost," Mekeke confirmed. "Just a few more screws."
"It's real quie
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Wartime - Ch. 6
"How much farther, Zarere? My feet hurt!"
"C'mon, we're almost there. Don't quit on me now!"
Mukoko sighed, dragging along behind her brother. She wasn't exactly thrilled about being pulled along to a remote mountain. True, it was beautiful up in the range, but getting there had been grueling. Zarere motioned eagerly for her to follow him up the rocky cliffs.
"Come on, we're almost to the first cool spot!"
"What's so cool up here?" Mukoko grabbed her brother's hand, who pulled her the rest of the way up. She got her answer as soon as she straightened up and took a look around. Before them was an old army camp, two decaying watchtowers casting shadows on them. Her eyes widened, and she curiously ventured closer. "Whoa…"
"See? Told you! This was one of the important stops for people relaying messages… neat, innit?" Zarere ducked under an overgrown branch and stepped over the broken chunks of wood from the old gate. "They packed it up a long time ago after the war was over. Didn
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Wartime - Ch. 5
A marsh full of irritating bugs and sticky air was better than being boiled to death, Pebble decided. It was like the landscape had transformed before his eyes, leading from the lush valley and spilling out into… nothing. Nothing but endless waves of short, golden grass, sun-baked dirt, and a rare gnarled tree. The valley had been cool with all the air funneling through it, but out in such a flat grassland, the heat was unbearable. He had long slowed to a labored walk under the intense sunlight, pulling his scarf from around his neck and draping his shirt over his shoulder. A little sunburn wouldn't kill him, but his lack of water would.
"Nobody told me about THIS part of the walk."
For hours he had run on and on, stopping only for a few minutes to catch his breath. Every muscle ached, screaming at him to stop, begging for him to rest. But he knew Kita base was close. It was nearly noon, judging by the position of the sun, and he'd been running since just before dawn. Nearly seven
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Wartime - Ch. 4
The office lights flickered as another shell exploded above ground. Pebble stood there, mouth hanging open, staring at the vanilla envelope. The paper crinkled under his white-knuckled grip. Running to the northern base? How would he make a trip like that alive? Had the commander gone crazy? Dizziness set in, forcing him to prop a hand against the commander's desk. This kind of run was surely suicide-
The voice startled him. He whirled around, eyes wide. Before him was Hitete, looking quite a bit worse for wear. His left eye was squinted shut, blood trickling down the side of his face. He had his rifle resting on his shoulder, his boot on the cracked doorframe.
"Are you comin' back out or what? You got a job to do."
"How long were you-" Pebble felt a slight affront, as if his private conversation had been intruded upon.
"Doesn't matter," another voice barked. Tegogo suddenly appeared from the doorframe's right, her condition just as worn as her brother's. "Come on, we're not los
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Wartime - Ch. 3
Night had fallen. Stars twinkled above the mountain camp, the moon shining down its sliver of light, bathing the stone face and marshlands in a faint silver-blue. Through the gap in the medical tent, some of the moonlight washed across Pebble's face. He was no longer asleep, but staring intently at the tent's canvas roof above him. Outside and to the left was Gekiki, his arms folded and his eyes half-shut.
"We were lucky," Gekiki said quietly. Pebble was close enough to hear him speak, and though it made the wound on his abdomen throb, he replied.
"We missed something. Someone made some kind of mistake…" He drew a deep breath before propping himself up on his elbows.
"Hare's already at the base by now, I'd imagine." Gekiki scuffed the ground with his boot. "She'll tell them what's happened."
How could something so major have slipped by their radar so easily? Though he wasn't personally at fault, Pebble found himself feeling somewhat guilty for the predicament the camp found itself
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Wartime - Ch. 2
"Wow, Peb. You look like how the rest of us feel."
It wasn't the most encouraging comment to hear first thing in the morning, but waking up before the sun rose also wasn't Pebble's idea of a timely schedule. He was used to the sun rousing him from sleep, or a gentle push at his back from his wife. Not the blaring sound of a military horn. He'd gotten used to staying outside of military life since leaving the academy.
"Here. This will help." Gekiki, looking much more suited for early morning activities, handed him a cheap mug. It was filled nearly to the brim with a murky colored liquid. It wasn't coffee, but smelled just as strongly. He hesitantly sipped it, and found that it tasted pleasantly of some kind of fruit.
"What is this?" He asked Gekiki, looking down into the mug.
"Plants from home," he responded, taking a long drink of his own. "I don't drink military-issue coffee. It goes through you like a cheap beer. Not the best option when you're out on the field."
Pebble briefly imagi
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Wartime - Ch. 1
The sooner this was over, the better. Getting shipped out into the middle of nowhere during the wet season like a bunch of cargo was hardly what most of them had in mind, judging by the looks on their faces. Well, the faces of those more like him, Pebble thought. The soldiers in this particular caravan seemed a little bit too eager to rejoin their fellows on the marshy battlefield, their helmets tipped low, their eyes focused on the dirty metal floor of the vehicle, and their hands firmly clasped around the handles and barrels of their rifles. It made him uneasy. He tried to hide that to the best of his ability, but the veterans would pick up on his uncertainty and mercilessly mock him for it.
"Whassa matter, candy ass? Too scared to go trompin' around in some mud?" Pebble was startled to hear that the soldier speaking was a woman, and from the sound of it, she was particularly nasty. She eyed him up and down, like a butcher inspecting a side of meat. "You're cute. The hell're you doin
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