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The rust symphony by tadp0l3
Spiralling Star Symphony Seeking Soothing Songs by JoeyJazz
Starchess by IRphotogirl
Pleiades en ete by Arayashikinoshaka
Stellar miscellaneous artworks and favorites
Night View by ShootingStarLogBook
Planet Destroy by ShinkuSaya
Silent I am II by NoisyGhosts
Silent I Am I by NoisyGhosts
Stellar gear and test shots
Zenit 16mm Calibration test by blackismyheart90
New Gear by farigiovanni
Tools Update by RayM0506
At the Scope by RayM0506
Stellar Landscapes by day
Solar Eclipse at Cairns 2012 by OnyxHavok
F36 Infrared Sun by IRphotogirl
F36 Full-Spectrum Sun by IRphotogirl
Canmore Auroras by Dani-Lefrancois
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Rho Ophiuchi Image Workflow by RayM0506


Counter Stars from my Cosmic chronicles series by Prestegui Counter Stars from my Cosmic chronicles series :iconprestegui:Prestegui 11 3 Deep Mistery from my Cosmic Chronicles series by Prestegui Deep Mistery from my Cosmic Chronicles series :iconprestegui:Prestegui 18 2 Stars by tiboat8h Stars :icontiboat8h:tiboat8h 393 118 M31-Great Nebula In Andromeda by Keith139 M31-Great Nebula In Andromeda :iconkeith139:Keith139 156 27 NGC6888 Crescent Nebula by ZeSly NGC6888 Crescent Nebula :iconzesly:ZeSly 134 21 430 Years by wreck-photography 430 Years :iconwreck-photography:wreck-photography 152 42 Gibson Milkyway by MadMike27 Gibson Milkyway :iconmadmike27:MadMike27 97 14 Morning Manifestation by Nightwalker50 Morning Manifestation :iconnightwalker50:Nightwalker50 23 3 Southern Star Trails by Niv24 Southern Star Trails :iconniv24:Niv24 186 56 Endless Cycle by lomatic Endless Cycle :iconlomatic:lomatic 37 20 Waiting and Watching by Questavia Waiting and Watching :iconquestavia:Questavia 252 24 Big moon in starry night by Momotte2 Big moon in starry night :iconmomotte2:Momotte2 133 70 Space Island by Draken413o Space Island :icondraken413o:Draken413o 63 12 Star Trails and Space Capsules by Bvilleweatherman Star Trails and Space Capsules :iconbvilleweatherman:Bvilleweatherman 14 3 Semiplana by Trezizi Semiplana :icontrezizi:Trezizi 28 11 Journey's End by paulmp Journey's End :iconpaulmp:paulmp 204 20




I am a student photographer (amongst so many other things!) fascinated by the wonders of the Universe and Mother Nature as well.

With this club I want to gather, learn and share some of the best of starscape photography. Nothing more... And nothing less either :)

Rules are simple but PLEASE READ THEM:

- Submit what you consider to be your best starscape shots to the featured folder. You can submit up to 2 deviations per day to the Featured folder. Astro shots composite also belong there.
(please do not submit your stellar photomanips to "Featured", they belong to the "Stellar Miscellaneous Artworks and Favorites" folder, read below)

- Submissions should have nature or urban surroundings in their composition but pure astrophotography shots will be accepted as well: deep outer space captures are very welcome here, too!

- The "Landscapes by day" folder is meant to welcome and showcase your daylight captures of particular stellar events such as: comets, lenticular clouds, eclipses, etc.
Do not submit daylight landscapes that do not display the stellar conditions mentioned above, thank you.

- All submissions are subject to vote by our staff

- You can post test shots, photographs you arent' totally happy about and pictures of your gear in the "Stellar Gear and test shots" folder.

- You can post stellar photomanips and also non photographic stellar artworks in the "Stellar Miscellaneous Artworks and Favorites" folder

- Do NOT post artwork that isn't yours: if a DeviantArt starscape photographer has impressed you to the point you want to showcase his/her capture please suggest it as a fave, THANK YOU

- You can also submit tutorials about stellar landscape photography

- Behave and enjoy yourself!

Stellar cheers,






Interstellar 5555: The 5tory Of The 5ecret 5tar 5ystem is a french/japanese animated musical movie I recently discovered and adored to the point I had to share it with you.
It is the result of a collaboration between french cult group Daft Punk and Leiji Matsumoto and was created and animated with the music of "Discovery", Daft Punk's (excellent)2nd album.
The movie was originally released in may 2003 but went above my head at the time: I didn't even know it was out anyway. The only thing I could remember was the "One More Time" vid by Daft Punk (wich would become the beginning of the movie) and how I couldn't understand the meaning nor the point of it all (the vid but not the music that I liked)
A few weeks ago I found myself with a song playing over and over in my mind and I couldn't tell nor remember who was the artist nor what the title was:I typed the very first lyrics as a youtube search and stumbled upon "Digital Love" by Daft Punk.That was the song in my head...Wich finally led me to listen to "Discovery"in full and watch "Interstellar 5555".
I was very impressed and also moved to the core by this movie.
As the founder of :iconstellar-landscapers: and a girl who could spend eons watching the stars at night I could not keep this true little gem for myself without sharing with you,100 per cent sure that some of my watchers will simply love the movie, its plot and possible message for some of us as well...
So I am sharing it with you here.
Oh and a Happy New Year to you btw :)…
"Remember who you are. You are a Starseed. You are not from Earth. You were not born not grown on this planet... You come from the stars,far,very far away...Please, take this and remember who you truly are"...

ps:just in case youtube wouldn't let you access the embedded vid from your country you can easily find other links to watch Interstella5555 on YT
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