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toss up between Legend and Labryinth
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nine inch nails
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Poppy z Brite
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Final Fantasy 6(3)
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Writing, art, reading, baking, pottery
Art of the Cover is a new cover artist resource for both Artists and publishers to find new artists to work with, as well as artists help each other with publisher issues, payments, non payments, and information on relationships with publishers. Also, the forums section they are going to be offering classes and contests so that you can grow as an artists and make your portfolio grow as well. I'm going to be running a class in January I think, that's if they accept it. Apparently there is a group of professionals that decided by a criteria if you are a registered professional, but i think we should all get an account there and work with them
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I really need to update this thing again, or rather more often. Lots going on in our work. The Soft Edge of Midnight received a 4 star review from RT magazine, and we are super excited about it! Its very cool that they liked the book, and they gave us a VERY quotable review too. Im beside myself. And Im starting a new hobby. More on that as it comes around.
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Ooh so our new print book, The Soft Edge of Midnight, Is up for Preorder at! The book will be available on March 13th and Audra and I are freaking out because this is the first time we have ever had a book on preorder! Award winning Prequel to the Keepers of Twilight Series, The Soft Edge of Midnight is NOW AVAILABLE!  Heres the Blurb: After a horrible ordeal and lengthy captivity, Illori Swain is resigned to wither her life away in loneliness. Then she meets Karsten Morris, a male unicorn she has  been searching for, the other half of her soul. A man of worth and a stallion of breeding, Karsten Morris sees Illori as his salvation,
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Hey there my dear!~ It's marve to see you here and in the James Purefoy group! HUGS!
Thanks for the +fav sweets! :hug:
Of course! I LOVE this cover and its one of the best you have ever done. I swear your a cover goddess, a real one, not a fake one like some other people think they are LOL.
LOL! Thanks, it's getting rave reviews so far. I'm a bit surprised by it all. But I had to live up to the first cover, done by Ms. Cain, so I pushed myself to grow-and fast. ;)

Your one of the only "new" artists that I can honestly say is right up there with the three greats (Caine, Martinez and Croco). Your work is always top rate, which is probably why I hired you LOL.
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Lovin' the book art!

Lex Valentine (in disguise as cemeterywinter)
Hey, glad to find you and have another place to hang out in cyberspace. Gorgeous gallery. I'm freakin' jealous of your photo manipulation skills.